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  1. no have a pc for each server. and tested SyncArk on a PC. And secondly, all directories are correct. but nothing happens. commando window just flashed on. right now I only run 2 servers with FreeFileSync instead. and it works. but would like to set up a third server but then it does not work with FreeFileSync. And I can not get SyncArk to start at all = ( and as I said, read through the entire thread and tested without results.
  2. I have problems with that after about 24 hours up so people can not join by joining the game through the xbox app. I have a fixed IP. Anyone know where the error is? as it is now i have to restart the server every day
  3. I do not make it work at all. it just blinks and nothing happens. have read through the whole thread but nothing works. do not really know where to start, look for errors can I use a network hard drive instead of dropbox? I have for example z: I also have problems when I run 2 servers. where ARK is downloaded with the same main account. but hosted with their own accounts. Anyone have a solution to this?
  4. hi I am very interested in your program. I want to fix clusters. how should i proceed
  5. Hi I am very interested in how to run cluster on win 10. do you want to help me?
  6. Okay maybe not coded. But they are in any case locked and do not want to copy themselves with a simple xcopy command. But now locked as they are in a user's folder, the server controls with remote desktop Is there any better script to do auto backup with? Have a valheim server with on the same server computer and there is no problem with xcopy.
  7. For me, everything under username is coded and can not be copied with Xcopy in a bay file. But wasn't there someone in the thread who had a script to do auto backup about once an hour? Can't you do a tutorial on that? Yep the Microsoft version that this thread applies to
  8. Hi how do you do backup? Tried with xcopy but the files under username are encrypted. So do you have a smooth set of backups automatically on a regular basis?
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