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  1. Let me start with: As tragic as the USA is, it's been like this for many years, so many years I don't know why people even live in the USA who are not White. ( come to Canada ) As someone who does not live in the USA I watch in aw of the situations. Things like that would never happen where I live and there is plenty of mixed races. I do wish the updates did not need to be delayed due to the USA. ( there is racism in Canada just not like the USA, thank God. ) The way I see it as a foreigner; I care as much about the riots and stuff happening in the USA, just as much as the people of the USA care about poverty and murder in third world countries. At least people in the USA have something to burn and steal. I pray for those being effected by this, mostly the poor store owners and the one black man I saw on the news who used all his life savings to open a Sport Bar that got looted, but the USA is a super power country. They need to get their stuff together and figure this out. Final note: I have been avoiding the craziness going on the USA with all my soul and effort. I do not live there and it's mind numbing to see these issues in a first world country. Now I have to see it in the games I use escape the world.
  2. Oh, I apologize. I didn't mean any part to be an insult. It just seemed as though what you write didn't have any rebuttal to the actual ideal put forward. I said I agreed with the Hexigon thing. I'd be pretty shook if they made that a micro transnational thing. As for the ability to have my own server, I don't enjoy the idea of running my own because it takes the fun out for me of enjoying the community as it's naturally intended, or seems to be. If I wanted to spend extra money on being able to have all those customization, I'd rank my bank going directly to the company WildCard.
  3. Agreed. It would be nice for PvE to have some bonus perks like the sort. Although the presented ideas wouldn't give anyone an advantage other then their stuff not blowing up simply because of not being able to log in heh heh.
  4. The above idea is small, ideal, and wouldn't effect much other then helping those who wish to support the company and have some added bonus. Unfortunately your points presented have nothing to do with the initial ideas I wrote. Although I do agree with them. Based on your response I don't think you really read the most
  5. Paid Premium Membership Hello everyone! KIDDO from the Maple Beavers tribe. I love Ark a whole ton, so much I spend any waking moment I'm not busy playing it, and you know what i'd love to see? A Premium Members paid membership. Not only will it help support Wild Card and all of their employees, but it can give some added bonus to the game for those who spend countless hours and who dedicate themselves to the game for both pleasure and competition. Keep in mind, I am speaking from a stand point of someone who is always on Official PvE servers, so of course, PvP and Unofficial servers would be a different case to the ideas I had in mind, or maybe not! Ideas for a Monthly or Year Premium: ( PvP Not in mind ) 100.00$ USD Yearly or 10.00$ USD Monthly 30 Day Despawn for all Structures ( Tek tier remains the same ) Dedicated storage in "Obelisk" to upload and keep items / dinos / ect for an unlimited amount of time. Monthly or Seasonal Skins that are permanent to each account An Ark Symbol in game chat to show who is Premium Priority Ticket Help No Transfer Timers / Shorter Transfer Timer There are many paid memberships in my life time where I have simply signed up for a few things such as supporting the company and product I love, and being able to get exclusive to Premium items or skin. Something as a collector, I indulge in!
  6. KIDD0


    Some of my art work I done of the game
  7. I'm in love with these 3X events! Maybe do them at the end of every month or something? that'd be awesome. so much building can get done in a few hours with 3x Love ya'll!
  8. No More Overseer Dermis? After the Update for Genesis, the Overseer Dermis no more ?
  9. I will have to find them and take a look! Thanks.
  10. Ingot / Element Currency Chart ? Hello everyone! Does anyone have a chart of what people find Ingot vs Element or dust for trading currency?
  11. Thank you I will keep that in mind and keep my app open to see what has top stats!
  12. The short explanation you gave here was very good! Thank you. It made a lot more sense to me. Thanks!
  13. Thank you very much I'll take a look at this!
  14. Advice on Breeding for Stats Hello every one! I was wondering if someone could, in the simplest way possible, explain how to breed for stats. I've been looking on YouTube, but no one can seem to explain it without switching topics many many times. Maybe a point form or step by step explanation would be amazing!
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