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  1. YES! I ahve not been around for the V-Day events yet! I am axcited to try and get Pink dinos! As for Genisis? Ark not going no where, and neither am I, Will wait forever if need be.
  2. KIDD0

    New Youth

    I bred my first Mana today from a pair I got from a trusted local seller. The baby did not turn out the colours I was hoping, but I've grown to love her regardless!
  3. I completely agree Thank you so much for your in put, as well as everyone else.
  4. Aye, the Deino do indeed only lay raptor eggs while not mating, which can be very annoying! I think I will stick with Yuty. I don't mind their size as mentioned bya nother, my base is very huge and their fluffy bigness is comforting. As much as I do enjoy the Deinos, Yuty def' still tops some of my favourite Dinos to have around the base That seems to be the case! Someone was kind enough to put an example of how they have it set up
  5. I'm on Valg I'll just raise deinos, easy two days and have an army to lay eggs when I need I keep forgetting their eggs are "Special"
  6. Oh? Could you explain the crop plot process a little more? Or maybe show an example
  7. I've been thinking the same, I might just tame a ton of Yuty, I mean, everything tames that way and there is no shortage of Yuty, Deino, or Wyvern eggs on Valg
  8. Now that sounds very nice! I like the floating ide offered, but I also like to have nice looking builds while being effective Thank you!
  9. That is very useful! And interesting I will keep this in mind!
  10. I would cry and be forever great-full if they did this,
  11. Methods of Egg Farming ( Suggestions Wanted ) Hello! I've been trying to get a decent well organized method for egg farming started. I have most of the dinos and birds I need to make all the kibble I want, but for those who mas egg farm, I'd love to see screen shots of your set ups.
  12. Yeah, I'd say it'd be fine. If you've raised an owl who has enough Stamina then damn, I'd say you earned being able to sit their for a bit.
  13. I couldn't see why manually sitting on the owl would be against the rules. You'd have to raise an owl with some pretty hefty stamina to really make it worth while, or at least until the little turds can hold enough food maybe ha ha!
  14. Yay another 2x coming this week end! Also amazing job as always with the charity
  15. KIDD0

    Poor Purlovia!

    Poor Purlovia! The Purlovia has long been one of my favourite critters in Ark. I dub them the ground demons, and their brothers, the Thyla, Tree Demons. However, there is a difference between the two that bugs me to this day; you can’t ride the Purlovia. I think it’s digging in the ground for hide for ambush is fantastic, but to ride, would be a dream! I think it’s be an amazing ability. Kind of like the Doed, being able to roll with it for protection, being able to go under ground for a few moments to hide from predators or to simply ambush people in PvP, but at your control! While underground with the Purlovia, your oxygen would deplete the same as being under water, so players can use an oxygen mask / scuba to lengthen their time underground. Dismount would not be possible while under ground. I’d be a fun and new addition to Ark and the Purlovia!
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