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  1. Happening to me as well. Trying to transfer to other server but I end up getting disconnected and I try to login and getting the login lock.
  2. this was planned but has not been implemented. Was expecting this to come with Homestead update. would be great if we could get this in official.
  3. I agree on all your points on the fliers carrying wild dinos. I certainly forgot to consider the corrupted dinos from extinction. oh well so much for that. Regarding Flier backwars walking, I was wondering about that. What was their reason or logic in removing that feature? Imho I don't think it affects PVE if fliers could walk back, then again with what I've seen they've treated PVP and PVE mostly the same in terms of the updates and changes they've done to the game. i.e. the nerfing of dinos.
  4. Griefing would be a problem for Tribes not utilizing Velos and Xplants to protect their pens. (always thought that was hand holding ppl. who could not use tools available to them(i.e. xplants or roofed pens) and adapt to their situation when they removed fliers' ability to carry wilds) But allowing it would lessen stuff being built around the server, hopefully resulting in less stuff to load. Would also add another challenge to the game and give Xplants and Velos more use. Could also make ppl. think more about how they build their stuff to keep their tames safe from griefers rather than building behomoth gates as walls. Not being able to carry wild dinos breaks game immersion as well. They shouldn't have removed it in the first place.
  5. PVE Pick up Wild Dinos and Walk backwards for Fliers Let us pick up wild dinos with fliers in PVE. IMHO it would lessen the need to build taming pens around the map. Also let fliers be able to walk backwards like owls/wyverns.
  6. More Advanced Building Items Building Items A.Hydroponic/Aquaponics plots that are as big as a cooker can be connected directly to pipes. Able to grow 4 plants,grow fish and pearls/black pearls. For a more sustainable source of food and sea resources. Metal Tier. B. Advanced Preserving Bin that is able to produce jerkey faster. I.e. if you have 5 stacks of Prime meat it can produce 5 pcs of prime jerkey per set amount of time. C. Solar Power that can be snapped to Ceilings and flat as a rug. D. Half Height Behemoth Gates (worth half the resource used in behemoth gates) Bigger Hatch Frames/Gates and Slanted Hatch Frames/Gates that can be snapped to Sloped Roofs and Stairs. E. Sloped walls that can fit with ramps. F. Glass tier Structures that have same HP as Metal and works like green house parts. G. S+ internal pipes and wires for less structures to load. Would make bases cleaner. H. Large Airships made from hides wood and metal for mobile flying bases. Imagine Hindenburg where you can build inside it and hatches could open on the sides and act as landing platform for flyers when open also acts like loading platform/ramp when hovering on the side of a cliff. Can fit 4-6 dinos as large a Wyverns, Quetzals and Mammoths. Same speed as Quetzals. (Scenarios: Airship flying to mining site and hovering to unload ankylo to mine and move on to other mining sites. Airship hovering close to water and taming water dinos down bellow. Tribes Living in the air not bound by land or sea. Transport airship with 5 argents and 10 vaults inside full of metal to trade with another tribe half way across the map.
  7. Would be nice to have the internal wires/pipes. Also being able to snap foundations to ceilings and ceilings being same level with foundations they are snapped to. Being able to flip sloped walls or invert them.
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