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  1. Reported a tribe that blocked off that cave, WC Support didnt care
  2. @Aqua1antern sad to hear it. I can give u some dinos if u need! rex or anky or w/e
  3. A good waitress will atleast warn you before ordering that the food you are ordering may come very slow, or might even disappear on its way to your table...
  4. sometimes they do, sometimes they dont lets see how it turns out for u
  5. I already see how all OC players will come to play on EU and NA server. And cause of this, everyone will be having super lags and overcrowding.... Screw us i guess...
  6. Do a test of 1 hour feeding gachas with only Stone and other gachas with only seeds (both have pellets) Compare then how much crystals did they make and the ratio of resource crystal and item crystal.
  7. Chat messages are fine, but Character names/Tribe names could be limited to Latin characters. That would allow an easier way to find their Steam IDs and report. Just recently i found a built over charge station on Abe, its built by a [][][] tribe, and i saw are player from that tribe, but his char name is also [][][] and steam name is 123. At that moment steam showed 5 players currently playing in the server with the name "123". So what could i do? Nothing...
  8. Why not only allow to use latin characters....
  9. Ye, and Charge nodes and City Terminals are still being blocked... even when people are reporting..
  10. Helena's soul whimpering.. probably crying about lost baby reaper..
  11. My suggestions to progress: * Get Several Hazard Suits * Get couple spinos/megalos * Go down to drake nests and try to steal an egg * If previously succesful, then raise the drake (its not that hard) * With the previously raised drake explore map * Try to farm Surface drops and get better BPs * Explore all 3 Aberation artifact caves (good for taming glowtails/feartherlights and getting BPs) * Learn how to fight and get pregnant from a Reaper Queen * Get pregnant with a reaper baby and raise it * Get couple more reapers * If you have a drake, you can steal a lot more drake eggs, and then try to tame a basilisk (its a lot of fun and frustration at the same time) * After all the above, next logical step would be trying to do Gamma Rockwell (with a good HP/STA drake and high armor saddle and 220+% pumpaction shotgun its doable solo) Adding additional info: Getting down to the Drake nests on a Spino will take you atleast 20-30mins, the nests itself are not reachable on foot, so you need good climbing picks. Later when u get a drake, its easy to climb inside the actual egg nests with a drake, jump off and grab it.
  12. This placing of tek generators range is one of the reasons why alot of people pillar the whole fking map 36 foundations all around the base!
  13. Reaper Queens. I wish they would spawn on every biome on every map
  14. When logging off, lay in your bed, or i'll come and drown u. Also try to logging off with no stuff on you
  15. These rexes are good for all bosses pump all pts to dmg and get good saddles.
  16. So basically Center map, but without water biome/sea i vote yes!
  17. Imprinting Dinos every 12 hours to help people who has to go to work My suggestion is to give another option of imprinting dinos, where you could imprint every 12 hours, instead of 8 hours. As i played, i noticed that with a normal life schedule, and playing on mon-fri days, i can only imprint once in the morning before work, and once after work. If we had a 12 hour option, this would help to getting dinos to 100% easier (or closer). Maybe 12 hour imprint could be more expensive (i.e. ask for 2 things instead of one or some new different expensive imprinting items) Also it could only be to some dinos. I know its cool to play nonstop 24/7, but some of us has to go to jobs and stuff. (i bet a big part of all players do)
  18. yeah, good luck reporting "123" with [][][][][][][][][][] name
  19. I mean WC allows selling dinos and structures on g2a website... like wth... ? nothing is done with all those chinese who sell EVERYTHING for real money on Official servers.
  20. Also, why the heck are you growing 20 babies only on 4 TEK Troughs??
  21. Every Tuesday, Same time... The update comes... So just clean atleast 100gigs of free space in your drive before tuesday, and try to have less babies at the update time
  22. Are We Getting Extra Event Time for Deinonychus And Ice Wyverns on Valguero? Are We Getting Extra Event Time for Deinonychus And Ice Wyverns on Valguero? @Cedric
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