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  1. Since extra life started our server has seen 3 rollbacks, not bad considering how bad some other servers have it. I would consider extending the extra life hours so that those who have been unable to play due to server stability can take part.
  2. PVE Valguero 740 has gone down twice as far as I know, once last night and it rolled back to the time before i cryod my baby magmasaur, so it ended up starving while I slept, and just now went down again. It's almost 1AM here and I have to stay up to make sure last night doesnt repeat itself and all my babies die. I really hope we get some time extended on the rates because theres no point to it when servers are down and people can't play.
  3. Hi, I made a post that was closed the other day about my artwork being credited wrong. Im the artist that did the Allosaurus drawing. It was originally credited to norat5224 who uploaded it to steam without my permission. You guys changed it here so that its credited correctly, but its still not fixed on steam. Can someone please fix that?
  4. I just got home from work and my server is doing this. Says 0/70 players and normally a few people are on at this time. Was able to connect for a few minutes before being kicked. The server no longer has the BattlEye logo next to it and it no longer lets me connect. I'm on NA Official TheCenter 84
  5. I'm playing PVE. I have not noticed any issues so far on the maps I've transferred to except for Rag maps. I normally reside on The Center, but I frequently travel to specific Rag servers (and have been doing so since before the event). Since the event started I've seen a dramatic increase in servers going offline, but it has only been Rag. Happened on different server numbers for 15 minutes to an hour at a time on average. 4 times within 2 days but it happened every time I made a trip to Rag. I have NEVER seen this happen in the months I've been playing before the Easter event, and now all of a sudden its a problem. I have not tried other maps, I will probably try going to Valg, but something isn't right at least on Rag maps. It would really suck if this was a constant problem the entire event.
  6. There's only been a few that seemingly don't go offline. I've been on PVE Rag 81 and PVE Rag 408. Rag 71 is still in the list of online servers every time the other ones go offline and get rolled back but it is a very small chunk that stays online. Going to try going to 71 today and see how that goes. I'm trying to get Easter wyvs and griffins but I'm afraid that I'll somehow lose my character if the server goes offline and glitches out. It would suck if Rag servers are like this the entire event.
  7. I've noticed this happening on Rag servers since the Easter event started. I transfer to Rag frequently and so far it has happened to me 4 times in the past 2 days, not all on the same server. Downtime is anywhere between 15 minutes to an hour usually and then when it finally comes online it was rolled back. I've never even seen this problem in the months I've been playing until now. Easter event starts and its happening every day all of a sudden.
  8. PVE Rag Servers Going Offline Since Easter Event Started I normally reside on PVE The Center 84, but I frequently travel to PVE Rag 81. I've never had issues until the start of the Easter event. I've noticed that the server every day so far has gone offline and disappeared off the server list for between 15-30 minutes, and when it comes back it has been rolled back. I tried going to another PVE Rag server, this time 408, and the same thing happened there. I've only experienced this on Rag so far since the Easter event started. Never seen this issue before until now. First time it happened I was like w/e then it happened a second, a third, and now a 4th time all on Rag and it has only been 2 days since the Easter event began. Anyone else seeing this happen?
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