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  1. Herbivore Island Bridge

    Me to tired of losing my megaladon to other megaladon or me only plesiosaur
  2. Introducing the Thylacoleo!

    Better than using a saber tooth they can be a little sluggish with just a 200 pound weight on it I would enjoy the climb
  3. Community Crunch 38!

    Mods don't work out for me
  4. A.I. Free range Egg Farm - Aerial View

    Good eggdea
  5. Dossier: Chalicotherium

    well can't wait for my house to be smashed
  6. Need the terror bird all ready have galliminus
  7. The Babies of ARK

    Super super cute love the baby giga
  8. Dino dossiers

  9. Quetz taming?

    Need to now how to tame a quests have a level 1 or 2 female flying around my base