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  1. Pretty sure this glitch is caused by having infinite ammo on before equipping a bola. You have to equip it only after infinite ammo is off or relog and equip before turning infinite ammo on.
  2. That’s what transferring on servers is for... and what’s the point on single player since the only reason to create a new character is to restart...?
  3. No, lol. Devices need a minimum of 2gb of ram just to load everything at the lowest possible quality. Then you have to have a processor that can handle rendering the graphics.
  4. Exactly right. Plus, with each of the farming sims passes you had to buy another game. Same ARK, new season. Makes sense.
  5. You can’t force feed narcoberries to carnivores. You have to feed something different in between every berry. So, narcoberry - meat/fish/different berry - narcoberry - meat/fish/different berry - narcoberry... so on and so forth.
  6. You can’t force feed narcoberries to carnivores. You have to feed something different in between every berry.
  7. Yes, I play on a brutal server. But, that sword is barely anything for brutal scaling. And I think I have upwards of 250% damage.
  8. No one attacked you at all for anything, bud. The only problems here were people whining that they have to buy a season 2 pass to get season 2 content, and people calling them on their whiny, entitled bs. You weren’t mentioned or included in any of that.
  9. WarDrum changed this awhile back on ALL servers. It is a setting that cannot be changed, even on unofficial servers. Yes, it sucks.
  10. Sword damage seems to be reduced for me in the dungeons. My sword should do 2700ish damage (based on dummy test) but at times only does 1200-1800 damage in the actual dungeon against non-armored creatures (ex. Wooly rhinos, mammoths, raptors, etc.). Best Weapon bps (*brutal* server): Sword: 771 Spear: 374 AR: 352 Riot gun: 314 ? Shotgun: 449 RPG: 1493 Cbow: 950ish bp ——— 1084 (snow cave)
  11. I think some of what they said may have been misdirects. However, there is plenty of sense in this occurring after Extinction... no implant, every survivor has an implant otherwise they’d have no consciousness or identity (since that is where it is stored). The simulation makes perfect sense for AFTER Extinction because death is permanent once Reseed Protocol is active... everyone can be resurrected at the point we first awake on the Island but no longer after extinction’s ascendance. Since we can die, preparing and training for new threats in a sim ensures our continued existence while also allowing us to continue progressing in threaten elimination abilities. Not all flying sims are to just train for the actual combat, most are used because there isn’t enough equipment or the equipment too incredibly costly to use for training purposes. Experts with all the experience still use sims for training purposes all the time. Plus... there are generations of pilots who never had sim training for flying... so it isn’t that helpful and can’t make you a good pilot. Good pilots are good because of their instincts, not sim training. They get better by training their instincts. Sims are better for simple muscle memory maneuvers, if they aren’t fully immersive. An immersive sim like this only really helps those with pre-existing abilities and gives them the most benefit as opposed to new survivors. If new survivors had sim trainings, why do we all die so easily all the time when starting out? Why were all the survivors surprised to see such other creatures? There’s not really any certain conclusion to draw otherwise based on current information other than the possibilities I mentioned already. If it was us before the island, Helena did a crap job of preparing us. AND... it doesn’t explain the hexipedal creatures. As I said above, the possibility that it involves the AP entity as referenced in the ARG leading to the announcement could very well explain all of this and be either before, during, or after all of our survivors’ experiences. Absence of evidence isn’t evidence of absence... just because something seemed one way doesn’t make it a fact until there’s supporting evidence one way or the other. Honestly, I think it just depends on if they continue to put as much thought and effort into the story as they have in the past, where things were logically connected and made sense from various aspects.
  12. Isn’t it technically a suffix and not a surname since their names are mononyms and the different endings are denoted by hyphens (like suffixes)? Food for thought. 4...
  13. I think will we see more background of the origin story, but I don’t think any part of this will be a prequel in the normal sense of things... EXCEPT in the instance that Arat Prime is an entity of some sort (context clues from the Genesis announcement ARG) and we are taking control of him where he is stuck/stored. “Memory cycles reset at intervals of every 30 something...” maybe he is being woken up right before or after our Ascension by Helena. I believe Arat Prime may be a super weapon/human stored/stuck in a facility on the dark side of Earth from before or when the ARKs initially took off to orbit due to some system flaw or failure. Otherwise, I think the time period is roughly around the end of Extinction and we are still moving forward discovering more about the past along the way.
  14. You need to install the newest update.
  15. Arthro damage updates are a pleasant surprise! Thank you! Awesome dungeon meshing fix! Thank you! I was wondering what we were going to be able to use the extra trophies for! Great TEK additions! However, is the TEK generator ever going to power implant chambers so we can use the full 10 slots? And fix the issue of tribemates turning the chambers off with screen taps that waste element in them when trying to access ones when they don’t have permissions to access? Dear God in heaven!!!! Thank you for the patch notes fix! Ughhhh, I’m so happy about this! The patch notes state that adjustments were made, but I haven’t been in game to check what has been affected. EDIT: Only walls, foundations, doorways, ceilings (all reduced to 5) and doors (reduced to 3) have seen drops in element cost. No other structures, including lights (still 10 element), have seen decreases.
  16. Very true. But, I tend to try not to assume what others mean when things aren’t quite clear. I’m beginning to think the vagueness of winter was a tactic, instead of saying part 2 releases “a year later or the 2020 holiday season.” If we go by the solstice and not the weather, sure. When I say that to most people though, they look at me crazy while I say it’s fall as snow hits the ground. Plus, like I said after pointing out the vagueness originally, I believe it to be December 2020. That may be the case, or the code could be a mess. Not everyone codes the same way, and they’ve had several staff changes since some of the bugs originated. I’ve never been much of a programmer, but when I dabbled I recall trying to find something wrong in a glob of messily structured code and it was incredibly difficult compared to an organized and well structured one. I’m pretty sure that amount of players is dwarfed by those who will continue playing anyway and is seen by the board (not the devs) as acceptable losses versus a new revenue stream. I’m not making excuses for them, I’m just saying that there may be issues we don’t know about that get in the way of some fixes or make them difficult to find. General cost analysis would take into account how much time, and labor it would cost to fix something that generates no revenue as opposed to creating something that could potentially create a lot of revenue. They may not get to pick and choose what to work on; it may be directed by the board or the parent company. The devs themselves don’t get to focus on whatever they want whenever. They follow the directives of their higher ups. Basic business principles easily explain these things and why they may not have been fixed yet. When the scale flips where potential revenue is less than the cost of fixing certain things and they still don’t fix them, that’s when you know the company (not the devs) really doesn’t care about the problems. This may or may not be the case, but it’s the same style of business practice that most businesses employ. There are plenty of legitimate reasons that gamers rarely think of. Again, this may not be the case. I don’t know the exact structure of this particular business. Your points are very good, though. If it is that simple, shame on whoever isn’t letting those things get done immediately.
  17. Genesis does NOT mean “the” beginning or origin. It means “a” beginning or origin. It most likely references a “new” beginning for Earth as the reseed protocol has taken effect at the end of Extinction. The implant is missing after ascension as well because death is now a permanent thing with the reseed protocol activated again at the end of Extinction. Until the reseed protocol activates, ALL survivors have always had implants, as implants are a core component of the ARK system functions. What you reference about when this takes place is not something I remember from the announcement at all. I could be wrong, but your other ideas have little to no foundational support.
  18. Yeah, maybe... but the ARK system does contain some crazy bioengineering technology so it would be feasible to use the system to fabricate these “new” creatures created in the sim and implant the “personality” they developed in the sim with us. It’s somewhat how survivors originated after all, as far as we can tell. Or that could be covered by the game’s suspension of disbelief since most of the rest of it rests upon sturdy physics and other scientific foundations. For a sci-fi game, most things are actually pretty possible given some time and that level of technology (most of which could feasibly be reached by humanity in the real world). Even stuff that can’t is very well incorporated using realistic scientific principles and mechanics.
  19. WC doesn’t have a mobile game. War Drum does. And the game is totally free with almost 0 pay to win abilities, as well as totally free methods to obtain most “purchasable” content. Most micro transactions are for aesthetic purposes, which if WC was really so money hungry they would have incorporated several skins and other purchasable content similar to GoW skins, Fortnight (blegh) skins, and other examples. It’s also a totally separate game now pretty much. I don’t know what crawled up your butt, but I’d recommend getting it checked by a doctor. It seems to be affecting your outlook and attitude. In half an afternoon? Really? Have you ever debugged a couple hundred thousand lines of code? Or million? How about when debugging can’t catch it? Then you have to go line by line checking everything, especially when so many players just complain without giving helpful, accurate details. Staring at lines of code that long on a computer screen takes a huge toll... plus bug fixes don’t generate income to cover the time it takes to find them. Cost-efficiency practices in business, etc. Unlike some, you weren’t being rude. I just wanted to paint a more vivid picture of what you’re asking for entails. Both have to be done at the same time, and more often than not developing new content is easier than finding a needle in a haystack for old content. It’s why new content is released before all bugs are fixed (especially because all bugs are not equal and some bug fixes make new bugs).
  20. In the northern hemisphere, it is winter. In the southern it’s summer, yes. In Florida, US, winter typically starts in January, if you can even call it a real winter most years. This begs the question of which hemisphere’s 2020 Winter however... since half the world experiences summer in December. I’m pretty sure it’s December 2020, too. However, they stated winter 2020 in Southern Hemisphere purchase portals as well as northern hemisphere portals... which is confusing because the former has winter in June while the latter has winter in December. And in Florida, winter doesn’t really start until January usually if that. Equatorial locations would have an even harder time determining their winters lol. We need some official clarification since half the world has winter in June and the other half has it in December.
  21. Or it could just mean restoring water to the surface since the oceans dried up... any biblical references are loosely made at best. I doubt it’s an origin gameplay, even though there may be stories about the origins. Genesis means “A” birth/creation/origin not necessarily “THE” birth/creation/origin. It can also refer to a new beginning. Helena wasn’t there for the beginning of the ARKs, no one still alive was. Even the system seems to have lost that information over the millennia. We may get glimpses of the past, but I believe Genesis occurs AFTER Extinction. The missing implant has to do with the final ascension and the activation of the reseed protocol. Its disappearance also means death is permanent, hence the part 1 being a training simulation.
  22. I think you missed a key part of your post, “planned DLC.” Genesis was never planned. Extinction was supposed to be the final part of the ARK saga. Extinction seemed to perform pretty well financially. I’m not sure how Atlas has been faring, so maybe future studio funding was earmarked back to ARK due to financial performances. Personally, I follow the safe practice of waiting until all content for a game is released before playing it. I like GOTY/Collector’s editions. Games have so much content and my backlog is so long that I have plenty of time to wait before buying them. I typically get them for really good prices, too.
  23. @ZANEEEEEE here clearly isn’t aware of the reality of what goes into making entertainment, specifically video game development. A huge business strategy is to utilize hype to further fund ongoing projects, hence the advent of the pre-order. Some content does or doesn’t make it into games based on pre-order sales. The extra inflow of cash may allow them to include content outside of the original budget or new ideas that spring up during development. It also doubles as an extra courtesy of rewarding the loyalty of their customer base by giving exclusive or early access content. The real world does revolve around you or your opinion. Standard business practices in the gaming industry exist, regardless of whether you pick up on them or not. Besides, it’s not like the game will lock and be unplayable if you don’t buy it right now... although in your case, I’d say you deserve that scenario for acting like that’s what’s happening Absolutely NO ONE reveals all their content at announcement to avoid PEOPLE LIKE YOU (possibly an entitled whiner) from throwing temper tantrums if some content ends up getting cut or changed by final release. Gaming is a hobby and a luxury, and if you’re really complaining about something like this you should probably cut back on gaming and do a little more WORK so we don’t have to hear about whatever it is you’ll be whining about next.
  24. This is certainly not the right thread for what you’re asking, but here’s the answer: NO. You MUST complete the entire dungeon by defeating the boss to be able to leave with any loot acquired within. It’s the ONLY way.
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