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  1. Was unaware of that. That’s kinda dumb... because even in the few places deep enough in the pvp zone, there’s no way to get them back out to sea.
  2. Which is totally unrelated to the point of this thread. It is a guide. For the dungeon. Not a suggestions thread. His post would be better suited to the announcement WD put out for this dungeon, where his suggestion might actually be noticed by the devs.
  3. I tried helping you, but unfortunately it is outside of my abilities to bestow intelligence or knowledge on the willfully ignorant. I’m sorry you continue to choose to be an idiot time and again. I gave you every opportunity to improve your situation. Hopefully, you don’t procreate and spread your ignorance. Save us the annoyance because you’ve been nothing than a waste of breath. EDIT: some people just don’t want to be helped... they just want to whine and get someone else to fix their booboos.
  4. This is the wrong forum for this. It should be posted in server advertisements.
  5. Make one post. ONE. Making 3 posts doesn’t get you answers any faster. It just clogs the forums.
  6. And you’re posting that on this thread why?
  7. This belongs in the server advertisement forum not in general.
  8. They won’t spend the time and effort to do anything with the liopleurodon anytime soon. It will stay completely useless for a while yet to come.
  9. Well, the devs are admins for official iirc. So your best bet is to probably submit a ticket about the issue.
  10. @nerinenerita this has been known for over 6 months lol. There was no need to necro this thread with information already present in it.
  11. You can rent a server from Nitrado.
  12. Okay, first, I’m not your buddy. So the cavalier attitude can go because this is the last time I will try to pull you from your idiocy and correct your path. 1. This is the wrong forum to post this issue. It should be in bugs/troubleshooting or discord. 2. All online stores/sites that sell a good or service have this nifty little section/page/button called “CONTACT US”. You can’t miss it in the play store unless you are illiterate, which may be the case here as I’m having to respond to this a third time. If you still can’t find it, try using the “Report an Issue” button to notify them that you’re unable to find the “CONTACT US” section. 3. IF #2 doesn’t work or you can’t be bothered (because you seem like the kind of person who wants everything done for them by someone else) CONTACT YOUR CREDIT CARD COMPANY AND CHALLENGE/DISPUTE THE CHARGES. 4. Don’t spend real money in mobile games... especially if there’s a chance you’re going to breach the ToS, which you admitted to already. 5. Wait for a response on your tickets. Now, I’m going to be condescending because intelligent rationales didn’t work the first two times. IF you can manage to THOROUGHLY read this post AND follow these incredibly simple steps, you may be able to get your money back. However, YOUR OLD ACCOUNT IS GONE. It is never coming back, sorry. Good luck (or riddance, depending on if you can manage to successfully make it this far). @XaosRes I tell you what, man. Some people are hopeless.
  13. If it hasn’t changed, that means they’ve logged in at least once every 2 weeks. The only way to definitively tell that she hasn’t is if the admin checks the player list. After 14 days without logging, the name will be removed from it. I suggest asking your server admin if the name is still on the list, as this will confirm if there truly is an issue.
  14. It has to do with its hunger drop rate. If hunger begins to drop faster than it increases from taming food, you will see this happen. It normally happens from using the lowest possible taming food. Try starting with prime meat or kibble. The liopleurodon functions exactly the same on Mobile as on PC and is 100% useless. The “Feeling Lucky” buff does absolutely nothing in the Mobile game. NOTE: feeding a basilo automatically aggros any mantas following it.
  15. As mentioned above me, nothing spawns bright red. You have to breed and hope for a mutation or mix natural reddish colors yourself. @Symara I, too, share the same endeavor. I managed it wild wild tapes (except for a gold crest) before they had the recolor option added into god/admin consoles. I like it because it makes mutations easier to notice. I just wish all creatures had black as a natural option for all color regions because I’d love a full black Theri and quetzal.
  16. That only just recently made it into official ARK on PC... this is a mobile port that is its own unique game. Mobile has limits, PC doesn’t.
  17. There are almost no places deep enough in rivers to successfully revive aquatic tames. You would have to resort to the oceans on the edges or a deep lake that would then trap your tame within it.
  18. Use stone battlements on either side of the gate, instead of clogging the area with many pillars, walls and ceilings. It will reduce the stress and resources required to process any rendering and decrease overall structure count.
  19. Clearly you don’t understand how juggernaut room mechanics work... maybe you shouldn’t be doing dungeons if you can’t figure this out
  20. I told you how to get your money back... you must not have read my whole post, typical behavior of someone who isn’t innocent. Also, the devs never pay attention to or respond to player topics in the general section of the forums.
  21. Who told you to try transferring? That won’t work if you don’t know the secret. You’ll have to redownload to the server you tried to leave. The only way to get this info is from the server owner or Nitrado. And Nitrado at best will only be able to give you a server expiry date, nothing else. I’ve already answered this issue in the simplest possible way, so I’m not sure how you managed to not understand it.
  22. You knowingly accepted and used cheated items? Sounds justifiable to me. You have a very weak case. Innocent or not, your stuff is gone and you would have to start over keeping only what you spent money directly for, i.e. arketypes. If you truly are innocent I would dispute the purchases made for the game with the appropriate app stole or elevate it to your credit card company.
  23. Well... you probably shouldn’t try playing a mobile game on a PC then... or learn site navigation combined with how to read properly and post in the order forum...
  24. nintendogamer7


    This is the Ark Mobile forum... so it also has its own discord and a different dev team (WarDrum). This is the Ark Mobile forum... I’m not surprised you can’t figure out what happened as you seem unable to pay attention to properly posting in the correct forum.
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