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  1. Rio4201


    I wholeheartedly agree, if this was a gun game server in cs:go that would be one thing, but to do this for Ark seems a bit overboard and as i mentioned ethically it probably isn't a good idea. Easier to just troubleshooting the main issue and getting the server to list properly. lol.
  2. Rio4201


    It might be easier just to troubleshoot why your server isn't appearing in the listings. Are you running this privately and not through a server hosting service? If you have a dynamic IP address and it changes your players would need to look for the server name every week or two to find the updated server listing. Especially if you are using no-IP or other redirection services to host the server.
  3. Rio4201


    Ahh, well I suppose something like that could be done.. hmmm, you could put phantom players in those slots like what's done in popular fps games, when a real player connects the npc count or in this case phantom player would need to simply be reduced by 1 until the server fills. Not sure how ethical that'd be tho, but then again, when players who do connect realize there really isn't anyone else on, they'll probably not stay long. I can't say I haven't written a bot or two for things like this in my past, but bots like this are generally frowned upon and anti-cheat picks up on them so I haven't actually done one in about 10 years lol. My last bot was for WoW to farm ore haha.
  4. Rio4201


    Hehehe I have my own private server project I dabble on, but I play mostly on official these days. In any case, check out the workshop I know there's a mod or two that shows you who is online. You could just use your admin panel as it also lists who's connected and playing.
  5. Rio4201


    Now's a good time to learn! While I prefer to hard code everything the blueprint system is exactly the kind of system designed for those who may not know the logic of a programming language, you should give it a shot, you may find it more fun than actually playing the game itself lol. I enjoy the crap outta modding stuff and just dabbling in the code hehe. Wish I had more time to develop tho, i'd love to try my hand in the modding competitions at some point.
  6. Rio4201


    If it's a private server you could pretty easily either program a mod for it or probably even find a who's online list mod, Battlemetrics does this already so you would simply need to make an interface menu, pull the current online names and then print them into the interface display. I wouldn't suggest trying this unless you have a firm grasp of the unreal engine editor and you would need to download the Ark Edit package from unreal first. Keep in mind, that thing needs massive overhead to run and crashes more than a demolition derby on a saturday night. There are two ways to make this happen, you could use the blueprint system (which I despise) to code the mod, or you can hard code it if you know C/C++ or C#.
  7. Genesis: Allow non-flyer maps to at least let us sit in the saddles. For convenience, it would be nice to be able to get in the saddles of the flyers to move em around instead of having to have to cryo and rethrow to line them up. Really annoying trying to move around argies, owls, wyverns, etc. Would also be nice if the owl heal could be used while saddled, would love to be able to bring my dinos back from missions and just owl heal them back up instead of using that pig which literally goes through a full inventory meat in minutes.
  8. Grinder useless in Genesis I don't know if anyone else has really noticed or cares, but I actually tend to rely on my grinder on other maps occasionally when I need a quick run of riot gear for poly or what not, and on this map, it seems like 90% of the stuff you can grind normally is unavailable to grind in Genesis. What's up with that? I mean if you went out and fought for the loot I think it goes without saying you should be able to grind it up if it's something that is not beneficial to you when you get it.. Why would they nerf it so hard? Really sucks I have all these worthless saddles and about 12 sets of flak I just had to pitch over the side and let decay.
  9. I seem to have lucked out, my engrams are still intact, I've transferred over to extinction from Genesis, placing a few testing cryos in the ark data folder and gonna send em back to Genesis, i'll let you guys know the results as soon as the timer is done ticking down. I have a friend with 4k hours and all the engram unlocks but he lost em all on logging in today, and that's official PC version of the game. Update: I was able to transfer cryo'ed dinos over using the Ark Data folder back from extinction to genesis, although it did time out a few times on refreshing ark inventory.
  10. Suffice to say and as long as they didn't screw up the backups, we'll be probably rolling back quite substantially.
  11. i just don't get it, how in the hell is it even possible to screw things up so badly on something that should be pretty run of the mill for the Wildcard Devs?? It's like they deleted an entire fricking section of the code completely.. Is this a data corruption? Is this a mistake? How are they planning on getting us our engrams back? What a nightmare. I have to wonder what other disasters we're in for when or if we log in tonight, am I gonna log into a destroyed base? all my dinos gone? So much anxiety, it shouldn't even be called Survietheark, it should be called SurviveTheWildcardDevs ..
  12. Good God did this just turn into a crapshow. SMDH..
  13. I'd insert a witty comment here but to be honest, I've given up on smooth patching and updates lol.
  14. In other words you got several ways to handle the loss of confidence after a patch or transfer enable. 1. Dip a toe in the water and see if anything stirs underneath the surface. 2. Dangle your feet in the water and if there is something you lose your feet. 3. Jump full in, get eaten. Alternatively; 4. Shove your friend/tribemate in and see if they get eaten then transfer if it's safe.
  15. As an idea, you could adjust the spawn rates slightly, the default may be a little overboard for a singleplayer experience. When you think about it, on official servers, the spawn rates aren't too bad but that's because there are 60 players constantly killing dinos all over the biomes. Take away that involvement and you get a significant increase in the number of dinos and lag. Just a thought anyways, but yeah Genesis does use more recent technology/shaders/etc, so if the card you have is older, it may be causing you that lag you spoke of.
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