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  1. Started happening about 10 minutes ago, 2 gaming rigs and a laptop, all affected by it. Hoping I was somewhere safe when I got the error message and the game crashed.
  2. Just hit this myself, crashed in northern aberrant area on Gen 2 TWICE in a row. Third time however nothing happened and I was able to recover my skiff. This isn't a client side issue with the game itself. Verified, uninstalled mods, reinstalled mods, etc etc etc.
  3. So, for those of us modding or collectively running unofficial servers we continue to struggle with tame cap on our clusters. It would be very accepted among the modding community if we had a way to manipulate breeding nodes and code so that we could come up with a viable way to allow breeding/mutating without having to have out hundreds of dinos which cause significant server lag. Many of us would like to be able to create a new S+ variant structure that would allow you to load in the breeding teams, enable a mutation pulse within it, and breed them without ever having to render or have a
  4. That is probably applicable to a unofficial cluster I would imagine but this affects official as well. However I will relay this to our cluster admin.
  5. Tested on Official and on Unofficial. On Unofficial I had a 117 with all the bosses except for Alpha Rockwell and Master Controller. Was dropped to level 1 on login and only had 96 levels to put back. GG. On Official, I had all the bosses done, fully level capped, logged in and was level 1 with only 130 levels possible. PISSED... Oh and to boot, you cannot level passed what the game granted back to you in level, you are CAPPED and unable to get back to what you lost. again.. GG Wildcard.
  6. Yep we tested it again tonight, sat down, would not allow us to fish. Stiiiiilll broken.
  7. Ouch, sorry to hear that. Personally, I didn't like Genesis 1 that much, having separated biomes kind of threw me off, but I will say that arctic was the way to go. Swamp may sound and appear to be easy (according to the spawn map) but it isn't. Those insect swarms are annoying at best. I got a nice spot near a gully that was packed with procos and a few other things that helped immensely. Definitely take the time to tame a few procos, we used them almsot exclusively for traveling around the maps and to the mission terminals and glitches.
  8. Hehehe, see I might just do that because I want one in my face, but then again who knows. Typically the way i've always approached the maps is to go with the hardest areas first, but we're playing on a cluster instead of on official so we'll see. Normally on official going with the hardest places results in being able to get a build up before the land is overcrowded. On private tho, it's a pretty laid back group so I'll play it by ear.
  9. That's a valid point and yeah, we said the same thing, even if they had said it's going to be at 10am on June 2nd, I don't think anyone in our group would believe it lol. To be truthful, I wanted a glimpse at the biomes mostly just to use as a spring board for where I'm heading the minute this thing lands in our laps, not that the video is gonna really be all that intuitive. LOL. I'm one of those people who like to have a game plan, I have a check list ready, know exactly what I'm looking for, what my first actions are when the feet hit the ground, etc. Clearly, I'm a bit OCD in those regar
  10. LOL I believe many of us posted this back at the end of December when the launch was "supposed" to happen. It's still their money maker, it's going to remain their money maker for years to come, Ark 2 isn't even hypothetically going to be ready for release till 2023 and there's no solid guarantee it's going to be successful, it could fall flat on it's face like Atlas did at first (or in some people's opinions, considered to still be.) There might be some real issues with development, time management and bad marketing decisions, but they aren't stupid, they are gonna protect their golden goo
  11. Can't deny this myself. Delay after delay after delay, remaining absolutely 100% consistent with DLCs of Ark Past. I mean look at this.. it's literally June 1st, the Expansion is tomorrow, no hype here, I would have at least expected a gameplay trailer (although some have said that it'll show up an hour before launch), yet I haven't seen a single solitary word on what time to expect this launch to kick off. I know there's a large group of us that play from our local area and we were all trying to make plans for the launch time, but those plans got dashed by yet another failure on the studio
  12. I always love it when I see someone say "taking time off work to play a video game is stupid." To begin with, taking time off for the launch of a new game has been a thing for over 30 years, not because it's an excuse not to be donating blood, sweat and tears to an ungrateful employer who usually is trying to find a way to screw over the hard working employees that make him or her so much money, but because gamers generally get that excited about a new game and just want to get right into it. I mean there's a dozen reason why it happens, sometimes people just need an excuse to throw a game
  13. I think PISSED is an understatement for most of us, not because it's delayed, but because like many have said, they took time off work, pushed stuff aside to be on and ready for a launch next week, and now it's pushed back even further when everyone could have been notified much sooner to adjust those plans. Thankfully, in our case, my wife didn't pull the trigger on scheduling our pet for some play time for 2 days at a local pet suites today. My gut told me not to do it and when I told her that we held off. Some people however weren't so lucky. Personally, I just want the map released,
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