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  1. Kids being kids and adults who can't yet adult.. ignore the idiots and just do what you do. It's getting silly responding to them at this point.
  2. I wasn't questioning anything so I didn't need clarification. I reminded someone of something.
  3. It's a must for the lilac alone. I only ever managed to get one with the lilac horns.. sadly it died during an unfortunate incident with a giga.
  4. Shame that console can't access mods for the sponsored ones will have to watch those who stream it, happy for crystal isles new dlc.
  5. Same for everyone at the moment big thread about it.
  6. Yep beetles are standard Dino's usually found in caves feed them poop they create fertiliser and a little oil.. very useful Dino's. Have a look on Google for ark wiki all Dino's and tame help and what they are for can be found there, if you get stuck ask here everyone will help. Hope you will enjoy ark. ? I play Xbox we don't get any mod Dino's but those we get are all useful in some form. Are you single player or server? What map are you playing?
  7. Sooner or later you just start brushing it off. I do understand the situation and feeling though from when i was new. Felt like sharing a death too My tamed beetle committed suicide last night by parking it's bum on the ground torches having climbed up a few steps just to land on them and get stuck. Laugh it off and carry on. Tombstone reads: beetle - super toasty!
  8. I played gen for first and last time wed. Not a bad start for me hubby kept dying to everything in the bog. I think he panics and looses his head a bit when starting fresh.. meanwhile I was taming up a mini army of protectors raptor pack 125+ for all three, 2 paras and a ptera where we realised we didn't have flight. Completed the gamma beatdown arena area over and over loot seems ok but after the 3rd run it's just boring. And once we had beds down and a cave to call home my interest waned. We explored each new biome and it's just meh! Back to my island play through. Might not be a map I'm interested in but once hubby got his feet under him I think he likes it.
  9. Not true the PS4 had issues when the event launched its all over the forums. Wildcard are working on a fix.
  10. Same problems reported by many, myself included, they do seem to have been made aware of it now it's just a waiting game. I'm just hoping it's soon. A****t might have been over zealous in that assumption they made. ?
  11. Am I going mad? They still after a month ignore the Xbox problems.. FML. No point in reporting the problems in the Xbox bugs seaction they seem to be completely blind to it. Tagging the community manager made no difference he just ignores them. So yay another event ?
  12. I would suggest a patch day, say Monday then we don't have a weekend when a lot us want or get time to playing left unable to do so. This also gives you as a team 5 days to look into and fix or reverse changes. Please feed this back too as you are probably aware every weekend there are complaints and issues reported. Most don't even get acknowledged. I would suggest maybe not just just being social on just twitter. Not everyone has it or wants it, these are your official forums use them too. Sync them or something. I'm not bothered about the next DLC and yes we pre-ordered it. I'm more bothered about the lack of acknowledgement for problems arising from the weekly updates. They are making the game unplayable at times. Loads of issues since last week haven't even received acknowledgement or responses so we at least know you are seeing them. Xbox, boss fights spawn player to 50:50. No boss no fight.. that's just one issue I can't seem to find mention of. The cryopod problem! Was it resolved? I saw it was being looked into.. that's it? I play single player on Xbox and got hit by this still not seen an answer as to why it happened. Ok I lost a frog one of a set of twins I had just finished raising, so I still have the stats on the male.. yet that happened just before Christmas and still no response. Beavers missing in action since before Xmas, all beavers on the island single player went AWOL and others are reporting the same issues.. Maybe on a side note check the Xbox and PS4 bug reports forum rather than Twitter for an up-to-date report of bugs.
  13. Wow such lovely messages.. ? Merry Christmas to all at WC enjoy your time off work. Happy new year. ?
  14. Couldn't be bothered looking up food recipes so I basically filled my inventory with everything and anything and a horse next to me full to bursting with anything used in cooking, gas and cooker and then just went nuts putting everything in. I have more paint than I know what to do with, tonnes of meals, health potions, stimulant, kibble.. etc. Flew around the map with hubby chasing gifts for a couple of in game days.. managed so far to find 30 different chibis. Many multiples of them. Had to spawn a gatcha though cleared the map of everything over and over on meat runs can't find one gacha. Completed 5 cave runs on the island this week and started a breeding program of theris and mags, need to start work on the rexes. Finally found 2 X max level to start a breeding program. Spent hours just grinding for resources. I keep turning game back on but can't think of anything else to do. Anyone have any good suggestions? I don't really want to waste this event I just don't like hanging around for midnight. Sad that I don't have my Xbox one anymore so having to split screen with hubby on his... it died a tragic death caused by my 3 "adorable" cats. RIP!
  15. The rex damage thing is new I'm sure they will fix it soon, sure as not they will f something else up that's how ark works.. please just fix how terror birds seem to find me out of nowhere unmounted unarmed and naked. It's just embarrassing now.. Sheesh at least gimme a chance to get some pants on..
  16. Started replaying the game a week ago after a bit of a rest.. turned out I forgot a lot of stuff. How much it rains on the island for instance. Like what Dino is good for what, reduced weight of resources, better for collecting resources, what they require for taming eg, how many tranq darts, how much kibble based on level. Where half of them spawn. Made exceptional kibble for theri taming, then accidentally left that kibble at home. Found that out when I got to a theri south of red obi on the island. Figured I'd tranq and let it starve and wake up while I went back for kibble. Then I would knock it out and tame it with kibble.. Upon returning it was awake and took me ages to locate it because I can't see in the dark.. once down it had starved enough ate 3 kibble and was tamed. Figured while I'm out get a mate for it. Spent the next 2 hours culling the theris I spotted as all were bad levels. Got myself a mate for prior one used same ko, wake up, ko, tame 3 kibble later it was tamed. It's stats are awful for health 3000 or so I can't exactly remember. Which of course I didn't check upon taming so I could have carried on with my hunt, found that out after flying back to Hidden lake with my two new cryoed theris. So 4 hours of culling and taming a pair and can't breed the next gen due to stupid stats. Or I can while I still hunt a replacement but could take me ages for twins with the mums better stats. Looks like I'm hunting more later. Just remembered why I took a few months off ark. Hubby has changed Dino spawns to cap levels at 120 very few high levels are spawning he thought it was an easier start. More of a grind culling everything low levelled. ?
  17. Not played for ages. Loaded the game last night first time in weeks. Sat in the base for 35 minutes trying to figure out what to do. Closed game. I may return when something interesting happens but as it stands I have done everything in game so much I'm just bored with it. Started over again on another game NMS on Xbox and for now that's what I will be playing alongside MHW. Might pop back occasionally to read this thread as it keeps me entertained. Hope everyone has a great day. See you all again sometime. ?
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