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  1. I really think that... Its incredible, ASA is the second chance to save and improve ARK and tis Major updates looks like a jokes
  2. A new zone ambiented in the genesis maps could be great.
  3. It could be a good idea that SW do anything to use Reshade in official servers.
  4. Hice algo muy parecido solo que con dos daeodones, aunque la gente recomiende solo uno a mi con dos me va bien.
  5. New server with 64 slots. English and Spanish support Discord: https://discord.gg/NM3VE4UBvX - Harvesting x4 - XP x3 - Taming x5 - Tribe size 6 man - Eggs times x0.8 - Crop growth speed x4 - Breeding x4 - All engrams - Player Stats --- Weight x2.5 --- Oxygen x2.5 --- Health x1.5 --- Stamina x1.5 - Dino Stats --- Weight x3 --- Stamina x1.5 --- Damage x1.5
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