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  1. When they were announced I was really hoping Maewings would be able to feed babies directly since lore-wise it's their milk that's supposed to be their special ability. Instead all they are is a living food trough capable of auto-feeding babies. Awesome, no doubt, since it eliminates the pain of sitting next to most creatures and hand-feeding them for hours, but still....this is the last expansion for Ark 1. It would've been great for them to be able to directly feed special babies like wyverns, rock drakes, etc. Or failing *all* babies with special diets, since Void wyrm babies eat meat, allo
  2. I hope they keep tek out of it. It made sense for the end game of Ark (and especially the later expansions) but the ship *crashes* on the new planet. Sure you could scrap metal from the evacuation pods but there's no guarantee the technology would be fully functional after the crash and story-wise you could explain it by saying there's an environmental condition on the new planet (whether it be electromagnetic or otherwise that doesn't allow it to fully function). It doesn't have to 'unga bunga hatchet' from beginning to end. Primitive plus added a ton of great in-between tiers (and a hell of
  3. I hadn't gotten twins or triplets from the incubator since they were released (PVE official PC/Steam). I'm not a crazy breeder so it's not like I was going through hundreds of eggs to test it (though I'd frequently get multiples incubating the old fashioned way). However, last week I finally got giga twins and wyvern triplets from the incubator, so if it was an actual issue and not bad luck it seems to have been fixed. Edit: Read the moderator note right above my reply after I'd posted lol
  4. You can also learn the Gen 2 engrams on the Gen 1 map if it's too much for your compy to handle, it's what I did.
  5. About 7000 hours here, but as someone who did originally buy the game because she went 'ohhh, a game where I can tame dinosaurs?", I don't really agree. Do I prefer the early to mid game kill things with spears and arrows and building up from thatch to stone gameplay? Yes, but it didn't take a genius from, as others in the thread noted, the implant in my characters arm to the floating towers in the sky to reading the explorer notes to catch on that this was a sci-fi/futuristic setting with dinosaurs and other prehistoric animals in it (where else WOULD the prehistoric creatures have come from
  6. As someone mentioned, they should (at the very LEAST) make an official announcement to the effect of "hey, we made a mistake, we're going to raise the server cap for X amount of time to give people a chance to log on and remove their characters to other servers before re-instating the server cap" that way at least people who moved their main (or only) character onto a gen 2 server won't lose all their stuff/tames on other servers due to being stranded on gen 2. I've pretty much given up the character I made on my gen 2 pve server by this point. She had a raptor and a trike and a few dod
  7. Get cryopods. even if you just have a fridge there would be enough time on them to raise the rexes. That way while you're on you can fill up troughs and let the rexes eat/grow and then when you're going to be offline pop them into pods. The other option is to fill more troughs with cooked meat or basic kibble in addition to the troughs of raw meat (to ensure they don't run out of food and starve while you can't be there), but there's always the risk of something happening. Benefits of option 1 is that you'll get full imprint and zero risk of them dying until they're grown, but it'll take longe
  8. I really feel for people who transferred their main character onto an official gen 2 pve. I always make a fresh character for each map so I did the same when gen 2 launched. But still....by some miracle found a gorgeous spot that hadn't been covered by pillars (a lot of people are saying the box tribes are claiming massive areas already with pillars and deliberately pillaring around other peoples' bases to stop them from expanding), and spent literally two days building my pretty stone house, getting forge/smithy and everything set up, got a raptor and a trike, and was almost done building a f
  9. Good lord all the entitled whiny babies screaming about a whole week. >_>;
  10. Having a similar problem on official PVE. Got all the notes on island and got the tek suit boot skins. Currently on scorched earth trying to get the leggings skins. Went to the appropriate spots, HLNA equipped, got her scanning animation, got the voice log and text on screen to display, got the XP boost. But no skin.
  11. Babies never fight though....if something aggros one of your adult creatures (for example on my beach base stupid pelicans will dive bomb one of my dinos before being murdered by the guards on neutral) they always run away until the attacker is dead. Now, the problem is when they run away they can run out of trough range and starve.
  12. Well by the time the server came back the presents had despawned. 1-2 lucky people managed to grab some before they vanished.
  13. And the surprise is my server crashes (and is still down) before the event even starts. >_> Lovely. (NA PVE 338). Forget presents, hopefully me and my best argy is still alive when I get back on
  14. See that would actually make sense. Raptor Claus as it exists just makes people hate the other players on their server because it's always a few greedy jerks using manas or skiffs to steal the drops from people who got there first and/or were waiting on the ground. Heck the first night of the event one of them got under me with his mana and jumped into the air so I'd fall to my death. Adding holiday loot items (even at a reduced rate) to normal drops during the event would make things more fair so everyone could have a chance to get something other than frustration.
  15. Heck, I have wyverns and tropeos and I haven't gotten a single one. At least three drops I've been on the ground the only person waiting for a solid two minutes (the rate those things fall are ridiculously slow) just to have a Chinese player (you can tell because their character and tribe name are are in blocks because it can't translate the kanji) swoop in on a mana and steal it. Even waiting until 3am doesn't help because the Asian players are on then. Heck the first drop I went for I got killed by an Asian player on a mana (pve server) because he got right under me with his mana and jumped
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