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  1. Ark players....whining when WC decides to give a free dino even though it didn't win the vote is like children whining they're being given a free second serving of ice cream because it wasn't THE flavor they would prefer. Personally I wasn't big into the idea of another therapod and was hoping for more unique creatures (my top vote was for the bison because in my opinion it suited the theme of the Fjordur map much better than a giant bug or yet another large, meat-eating dinosaur, but hey, at least the bat is something unique and if they're going to give us the charchar for free I'm not going to complain about free candy). I only wish they might consider giving us the bison as well down the road maybe ala a TLC since it was so close to the Charchar.
  2. Anyone else having this problem? Since the event was taken off I'm having this weird bug where cryopods aren't picking up the wyverns I finished raising up during the event. The cryopods in question ARE empty and I've tried unequipping, reequiping, different ones, trying from different places on the wyverns, etc. (official PVE PC).
  3. Hmmm....I play on a PC official pve server and I've never had babies starve while being raised by maewings. Granted I fill the maewing to slot/weight cap with the appropriate food for said batch of babies (usually one for meat-eaters in one corner of the hatchery, another for herbivores in another, another for fish-eaters in another corner, etc) before I put the babies out...usually four in the basket and the remainders next to it and if I'm really worried about keeping that batch of babies happy and safe I'll check the amount of food in a breeding calculator to make *sure* they have the required amount of food for at least several hours before I come back for imprints and to do a meat/berry run to refill the maewings' supply. The only scary thing is when I've been logged off while babies are raising is sometimes they'll be bloody because the game calculates how much food each baby needed to consume while you were gone to stay alive and it takes them a bit to 'catch up/not be bloody' so maybe something like that has hit you? There was also that notorious glitch when babies would simply stop eating even when plenty of food was available to them (and thus starve), so check and make sure A) you have not only enough food but a surplus of said food for the babies before leaving render *and* B) Make sure you *see* them all eating before you leave?
  4. Sadly unless you have screencaps of said giga to prove level, stats, etc...even if you submit a ticket they won't give you a 450 giga just because you make a post on the forum claiming you lost it. Too easy to just lie and try to get a free max level dino that way (not saying you ARE lying, just that in my personal experience they'll want screencaps of the lost dinosaur to prove the level, etc before they'll give a replacement).
  5. Once claimed they're yours. I have a zomdodo from a few years ago named Romero
  6. Since the Fear Evolved update, I can't log onto the prim plus server I play on. It keeps going through the loading process and then stopping with the 'conversion mod mismatch' error 'restart the game with the correct mode enabled?" Well, I AM on the prim plus mode and I'm trying to log into a prim plus official PVE ragnarok server, but I keep getting the same error no matter how many times I close the game (and close completely out of steam to boot).
  7. When they were announced I was really hoping Maewings would be able to feed babies directly since lore-wise it's their milk that's supposed to be their special ability. Instead all they are is a living food trough capable of auto-feeding babies. Awesome, no doubt, since it eliminates the pain of sitting next to most creatures and hand-feeding them for hours, but still....this is the last expansion for Ark 1. It would've been great for them to be able to directly feed special babies like wyverns, rock drakes, etc. Or failing *all* babies with special diets, since Void wyrm babies eat meat, allow normal wyverns to be raised off meat too.
  8. I hope they keep tek out of it. It made sense for the end game of Ark (and especially the later expansions) but the ship *crashes* on the new planet. Sure you could scrap metal from the evacuation pods but there's no guarantee the technology would be fully functional after the crash and story-wise you could explain it by saying there's an environmental condition on the new planet (whether it be electromagnetic or otherwise that doesn't allow it to fully function). It doesn't have to 'unga bunga hatchet' from beginning to end. Primitive plus added a ton of great in-between tiers (and a hell of a lot more building and decoration tools) if they added more content that way so it wasn't just thatch- wood- stone- metal- SCI FI TEK! it would far more interesting. You can have metal and forges without jumping to space ships and tek rifles.
  9. I hadn't gotten twins or triplets from the incubator since they were released (PVE official PC/Steam). I'm not a crazy breeder so it's not like I was going through hundreds of eggs to test it (though I'd frequently get multiples incubating the old fashioned way). However, last week I finally got giga twins and wyvern triplets from the incubator, so if it was an actual issue and not bad luck it seems to have been fixed. Edit: Read the moderator note right above my reply after I'd posted lol
  10. About 7000 hours here, but as someone who did originally buy the game because she went 'ohhh, a game where I can tame dinosaurs?", I don't really agree. Do I prefer the early to mid game kill things with spears and arrows and building up from thatch to stone gameplay? Yes, but it didn't take a genius from, as others in the thread noted, the implant in my characters arm to the floating towers in the sky to reading the explorer notes to catch on that this was a sci-fi/futuristic setting with dinosaurs and other prehistoric animals in it (where else WOULD the prehistoric creatures have come from to be in a place with humans?). The evolution to tek stuff is just natural game progression as the story dictates you start off as a helpless survivor newly awakened on a beach but you survive, improve and then progress to a point where you can challenge the bosses and then the overseer to leave the island and go through the rest of the story maps. Genesis is you finishing the story and ending your survivor's original journey, so it only makes sense that you have the most tek toys to accomplish that goal. And if it's not your thing...no one is forcing you to use the tek. It's a sandbox game for a reason. If you just like the dinosaur/primitive survival aspect, just keep your stone base (I still build primarily with stone just because I prefer the look of it for building) and breed dinos. They have plenty of mods for single-player and you can uncheck advanced engrams if you don't like them. And They've said ark 2 won't have tek and will be more primitive survival...which makes sense since we're starting over from scratch on a new planet.
  11. Good lord all the entitled whiny babies screaming about a whole week. >_>;
  12. Having a similar problem on official PVE. Got all the notes on island and got the tek suit boot skins. Currently on scorched earth trying to get the leggings skins. Went to the appropriate spots, HLNA equipped, got her scanning animation, got the voice log and text on screen to display, got the XP boost. But no skin.
  13. Well by the time the server came back the presents had despawned. 1-2 lucky people managed to grab some before they vanished.
  14. And the surprise is my server crashes (and is still down) before the event even starts. >_> Lovely. (NA PVE 338). Forget presents, hopefully me and my best argy is still alive when I get back on
  15. See that would actually make sense. Raptor Claus as it exists just makes people hate the other players on their server because it's always a few greedy jerks using manas or skiffs to steal the drops from people who got there first and/or were waiting on the ground. Heck the first night of the event one of them got under me with his mana and jumped into the air so I'd fall to my death. Adding holiday loot items (even at a reduced rate) to normal drops during the event would make things more fair so everyone could have a chance to get something other than frustration.
  16. That was honestly my one quibble...that if they felt the need to have Helena be gay/bi that means either they're only planning on covering the island timeline and not the other maps, or else maybe they're going to write Diana out and instead they're planning on covering the other maps (or the entire pre-genesis timeline) but to make things more simple they're going to pair Helena and Mei instead (not that I'd mind since a large chunk of the island story was their unconventional friendship anyway).
  17. Oh please. Mei Yin over the course of the notes fell in love with Diana, so it's not like the story hasn't had non-straight people. Also...having read all the explorer notes, I don't recall a SINGLE reference in Helena's notes indicating what her romantic preference was, so since she's WC's character, they're the ones who get to choose that for her. Also, the synopsis mentions 'after tragedy' she wakes up on the island, so it's very possible her mother and wife (like Mei Yin's brother) are only ever seen in flashbacks and die. Since she IS alone on the Island.
  18. The story has always been present in explorer notes. Do a lot of people just take the XP buff and just not read them? The first 'npc' we got was the HLNA robot in genesis 1. But they're specifically referring to Vin's character Santiago as 'the hero protagonist' while still saying it's going to be a multiplayer sandbox game like Ark currently is...so I'm assuming Ark 2 will have him as an actual character we somehow interact with?
  19. 'hero protagonist'.....so does this mean we have to PLAY as him? Or is he just an NPC we interact with? Also...is this original Santiago (as in died in Extinction), because I've spent the past ten minutes arguing with a player on my server who says Ark 2 is somehow a prequel when I figured it would be obvious it would be happening post Genesis 2. >_>:
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