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  1. Eggcellent, lookin' good WC, you guys rock . I hope p+ doesn't get it, on ps4 anyways. with pve noob tribes like house336 and arkangels, cannot tell the difference between pve & pvp, that's better off just getting wiped, but i digress lol. I'm assuming events on privates servers will be fixed by then? They quit working when the Genesis update came out
  2. Yes, I am glad there are others who see the potential in this idea! I feel like the reason why P+ keeps breaking is because Ced and WC want to keep any and all Tek out of it. But That's besides the point. The point is, you can spawn in and use tek on private P+ servers, and alot of it works fine, including cryopods, Transmitters, teleporters, etc. But you can't spawn in awesome things like the cooking station, cauldron, smokehouses, Etc. Frankly, I'd love to be able to craft a yurt in vanilla because they rock when it comes to taming bees. Which means some resources like beeswax and I think leather would need to become a thing. If i could program those into supply drops, I suppose that would work, but it would be nice if you could harvest the beeswax yourself, even the tanning station would be nice. I'd really like to see P+ as a whole just merged into the main game as well. Yes, this might cause some to lose bases/houses they've spent countless hours creating and that would really suck. I know how that feels as much as anybody. But adding P+ structures, tools and resources in to vanilla would work out for the better. Let's face it, there is only one cluster for P+ PVE on PS4, thought you can't really call it PVE with individuals like veti and tribes like house 336. I once saw house 336 kite a poison wyv way out to the west coast on the Ragnarok map JUST to grief someone who hadn't done anything to them. Killed a few of their tames, too. And this veti person, who uses a second character to grief, put up offensive signage and made a pretty screwy folder in green obi. When asked why they couldn't just go to PVP servers instead, the question would be dodged. They behave like true PVE noobs, as in they don't know how to behave on a PVE server, which in principal is different from PVP. It just seems time to get rid of P+ official servers on PS4. Merging P+ into the main game could fix that issue, because many of us who once enjoyed P+ official servers might once again have some choice in numerous true pve clusters instead of having the one choice of PVP or PVEVP. There are alot who left p+ official for the better world of private servers, because there we actually can and will enforce fair gameplay. In summation, please consider this. Primitive + is great, but could be a whole lot better if much if not all parts of it were functional in the standard game as well. Keep up the good work guys! Genesis is outstanding
  3. Frankly, official PVE servers, especially P+ PVE on ps4 need to to be wiped if not shut down entirely. In regards to PS4 official primitive+ pve, there are only a few tribes/individuals who feel the run the server. I speak of tribes, House 336 and ArkAngels/desert isles, and a solo individual known as Krull. House 336 and arkangels treat the p+ official pve server like it's pvp, by kiting poison wyverns across the map well away from their spawn areas to grief other players, kiting hoards of wild rock golems to someone's gates, etc. And individuals like Krull who pillar EVERYWHERE across maps like ragnarok, with no apparent intention to build where pillard. Incidentally, this Krull only logs in hours before the first decay timers are set to expire just to reset, they don't play the game as intended. Or hardly ever. There are some of us who are passionate enough about the game that we invest in private servers and cluster with others to make a friendly environment for other gamers and keep pve, pve. Private servers are the future, when it comes to ark multiplayer gameplay. The true ark fandom lies in the private cluster. Official PVE servers need to have monthly extinction events and serve simply as a tutorial for new players, not serve as a permanent home to unfriendly, selfish and spiteful PVE noobs. That's not to say you should only be able to play it one time through, if you're fine with starting fresh each month, go for it. At least in private clusters, individuals who are unable to practice fair play can actually be banned.
  4. I must also ask, IS there any word on Primitive +? It's clearly close to a back seat issue, considering Genesis just released and resources need to be devoted to that in order to fix bugs, exploits, etc. that occurred during launch. I know you worked hard on P+, Cedric, and it would be a smart move to integrate the structures, resources and tools into the main game instead of running it as a stand-a-lone mode of sorts, particularly on console. It breaks with almost every other update, and i suspect that in part at least is because you guys are trying to prevent any sort of Tek being carried over into it. hell, before it crashed, I wasn't even able to place most adobe structures on Scorched Earth and that's kind of bad considering it's insulating properties in game. We the community, know you guys can add new structures, tools and resources into the main game already. You did it with S+/Homestead update, Scorched Earth, Aberration, Extinction as well as Genesis. If people don't want to move beyond primitive lifestyle in the game, that can be a choice. Heck, instead of the check-box for Primitive + for private servers, have a check-box for allowing Tek instead. Sure, there are some things within to address like which ghillie suit ingredients to go with, the classic one, or the P+ one that uses leather. I'm sure you guys can work it out. I believe moving P+ beyond just an alternative Game Mode and graduating to become part of the larger game will streamline things. With all the new stuff you guys are working hard on for an exciting 2020, i feel this option would be better for everyone in the long run as well as saving time, money and energy that must be expended to fix it with each big update. Once is an accident, twice is a coincidence and thrice is a pattern. Primitive + has broke down to some extent or another more than three times, so it seems the writing may be right on the wall in regards to possible solutions and next steps. Keep up the good work guys, great work with Genesis! Looking forward to Crystal Islands and Gen Part 2!
  5. Checked out Genesis in single player last night and this morning, gotta say I'm a bit impressed. What I'm wondering now is if there is any word on if/when Primitive + servers will be back up and running? There's been so many bugs that go on with P+ and I get that, but is there any possibility at all to get someone on just merging the structures, tools and resources into the main game? I mean, you guys have proven able to add in structures, tools, resources and dinos with other DLCs into the main game. Frankly, I feel like doing that would cut down on not just a lot of griping, but more importantly help streamline the game. Right now I'd be willing to bet that there is either another team that deals solely on Primitive +, or it is just a backseat afterthought. OR Buy me a top of the line computer and I'll get to work on that myself lol. Seriously, I think a lot of people would appreciate streamlining in such a way, instead of having the two separate game modes. As for those who wish to take on the Primitive + life style, that can still be their choice, they don't HAVE to use tek if they don't want. Some fellow gamers I am part of a private cluster with, run our servers on Primitive + and have been able to get some tek items to function such as tek generators, cryofridges and cryo pods just to name a couple things. Something to think about.
  6. So who is ready for tomorrow's big delay announcement?! JK lol, counting down the hours, WC! Looking forward to seeing the new work you put into my all time fav game
  7. I for one am excited! sure there have been hiccups, and bumps but one thing to remember is that working years on a game to evolve it into the best it can be is clearly hard work! And I must say KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK, WC TEAM! Myself and many of the other gamers I play on our private cluster with, are excited to see what's next. To the haters out there, let's face it. If the WC Team wasn't hard working on Gen, they either never would have announced it at all and if they did they would have already released some halfass glitch-city map back in December of sooner. Btw I really hope it works with Primitive +
  8. The daily reboot idea isn't a bad idea, especially if a time, such as 12AM GMT, were announced well ahead of the implementation by a few weeks, and perhaps pop up for a bit on the message of the day. Doesn't take long to reboot, and everyone can just plan around such things.
  9. I am happy about the VDay news... What would make me even happier is if there was a code I could use to disable event structure decay/despawn when switching or disabling events. I really would to be able to make a house that has a different holiday themes for each room, I.E. Valentine's day themed bedroom, Easter decore in the dining room and Xmas tree, lights and such in the living room. Food for thought
  10. Um... Any word on when Genesis will be coming out? Is it going to come out on the 28th when the legacy servers get wiped? Anxious to see what amazing surprises are waiting and the suspense is killing me lol
  11. I agree too, though perhaps ascension isn't necessary or potentially canonical, if I recall it wasn't exactly a requirement for Helena or Rockwell, either. But SE does need some TLC. If one were to, say, cut the map into 3rd, and throw swaths of dunes that separate the regions surrounding the obi's. Now if you guys make that a separate spawn region from the dunes, say, high dunes (highdunes_c), and have only smaller sandworms spawn in that region, kind of like rubble golems are to rock golems, that could be manageable. And a progressing cave in the center of those tri-strip of dunes that takes you deep down to a lava golem arena. Maybe even a well hidden progression cave that takes you deep down to a sandworms lair, not unlike the Ice Worm queen, just a desert version. I would probably pay for that TLC, especially if it doubled the size of the map and add e a bit more potential adventures. I picture 3 corridors of dunes that converge at the center of the map. One that runs from North East to center, separating Blue obi from Green obi, be running from the south to center, separating Green obi and Red obi and the 3rd runs from the dunes to the west, to the middle of the map separating red obi from Blue. If I had the appropriate equipment, like a better computer I'd probably take on that project myself lol
  12. Ecy

    Custom Events

    Custom Events As i sat at my computer, putting together some spawn entries to have bats, spiders and other creepy crawlies en masse, above ground on my SE server, i had an idea. I also enabled the ARKaeology event, and set it up with the beta Halloween day/night parameters. Then I hit a block. There is no way to configure custom color palettes! As much as Summer Bash, Winter Wonderland, Valentines day and the Eggcellent Adventure all rock, there are many more holidays! Would it at all be possible to be able to come up with a way to be able to create some sort of "configaddspawncolors" sort of thing? Even if one had to configure each individual color region with a predetermined list of colors. It is already possible to set dino colors through the settargetdinocolor X X command, but let's face it, not all of us go out and tame something just to change the color. Region coloration gets passed on just like stats. You wouldn't just go do addexperience on everything you tame just pump points, that is if you're as passionate about playing the game as I, lol. I believe that adding in such a feature for server hosts to use could potentially bring more to the game. Summer bash rocks for us Americans, with the red white and blue and Uncle Sam. But i bet a lot of world wide players would like it if they could create their own national event. Canada has red and white; germany has red, yellow, and black; and Ireland has Green, white and orange. My computer kinda sucks, else id spend my free time putting together the syntax for said configurations lol. Would you guys at WildCard please consider putting some thought into this idea? V/R ECY P.S. Here's a foundation to build off of: ConfigAddNPCSpawnColorEntries=(NPCSpawnColorStrings=(([Region ID]0_[ColorID]14,19,203,54(MaxPercentagedesired_.5)),([Region ID]1_[ColorID]2,53,33(MaxPercentagedesired_.5)),([Region]2_[ColorID]55,212,1(MaxPercentageDesired_.05))) As you can see, it is divided up so you can specify which regions you want to see color changes, then set your colors that you'd like to see spawn for those regions. That way if you only want a singular region to randomly spawn the specified color ID's, you may do so. Obviously, it could get annoying to start seeing EVERY dino sporting the same colors, so then you do it by percentage, exactly like adding dinos spawns in with the "ConfigAddNPCSpawnEntries" line. Granted this may be tedious, but that's why they invented a way to copy, paste save and share, right? There you have it! Keep up the good work guys
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