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  1. I for one am excited! sure there have been hiccups, and bumps but one thing to remember is that working years on a game to evolve it into the best it can be is clearly hard work! And I must say KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK, WC TEAM! Myself and many of the other gamers I play on our private cluster with, are excited to see what's next. To the haters out there, let's face it. If the WC Team wasn't hard working on Gen, they either never would have announced it at all and if they did they would have already released some halfass glitch-city map back in December of sooner. Btw I really hope it works with Primitive +
  2. The daily reboot idea isn't a bad idea, especially if a time, such as 12AM GMT, were announced well ahead of the implementation by a few weeks, and perhaps pop up for a bit on the message of the day. Doesn't take long to reboot, and everyone can just plan around such things.
  3. I am happy about the VDay news... What would make me even happier is if there was a code I could use to disable event structure decay/despawn when switching or disabling events. I really would to be able to make a house that has a different holiday themes for each room, I.E. Valentine's day themed bedroom, Easter decore in the dining room and Xmas tree, lights and such in the living room. Food for thought
  4. Um... Any word on when Genesis will be coming out? Is it going to come out on the 28th when the legacy servers get wiped? Anxious to see what amazing surprises are waiting and the suspense is killing me lol
  5. I agree too, though perhaps ascension isn't necessary or potentially canonical, if I recall it wasn't exactly a requirement for Helena or Rockwell, either. But SE does need some TLC. If one were to, say, cut the map into 3rd, and throw swaths of dunes that separate the regions surrounding the obi's. Now if you guys make that a separate spawn region from the dunes, say, high dunes (highdunes_c), and have only smaller sandworms spawn in that region, kind of like rubble golems are to rock golems, that could be manageable. And a progressing cave in the center of those tri-strip of dunes that takes you deep down to a lava golem arena. Maybe even a well hidden progression cave that takes you deep down to a sandworms lair, not unlike the Ice Worm queen, just a desert version. I would probably pay for that TLC, especially if it doubled the size of the map and add e a bit more potential adventures. I picture 3 corridors of dunes that converge at the center of the map. One that runs from North East to center, separating Blue obi from Green obi, be running from the south to center, separating Green obi and Red obi and the 3rd runs from the dunes to the west, to the middle of the map separating red obi from Blue. If I had the appropriate equipment, like a better computer I'd probably take on that project myself lol
  6. Ecy

    Custom Events

    Custom Events As i sat at my computer, putting together some spawn entries to have bats, spiders and other creepy crawlies en masse, above ground on my SE server, i had an idea. I also enabled the ARKaeology event, and set it up with the beta Halloween day/night parameters. Then I hit a block. There is no way to configure custom color palettes! As much as Summer Bash, Winter Wonderland, Valentines day and the Eggcellent Adventure all rock, there are many more holidays! Would it at all be possible to be able to come up with a way to be able to create some sort of "configaddspawncolors" sort of thing? Even if one had to configure each individual color region with a predetermined list of colors. It is already possible to set dino colors through the settargetdinocolor X X command, but let's face it, not all of us go out and tame something just to change the color. Region coloration gets passed on just like stats. You wouldn't just go do addexperience on everything you tame just pump points, that is if you're as passionate about playing the game as I, lol. I believe that adding in such a feature for server hosts to use could potentially bring more to the game. Summer bash rocks for us Americans, with the red white and blue and Uncle Sam. But i bet a lot of world wide players would like it if they could create their own national event. Canada has red and white; germany has red, yellow, and black; and Ireland has Green, white and orange. My computer kinda sucks, else id spend my free time putting together the syntax for said configurations lol. Would you guys at WildCard please consider putting some thought into this idea? V/R ECY P.S. Here's a foundation to build off of: ConfigAddNPCSpawnColorEntries=(NPCSpawnColorStrings=(([Region ID]0_[ColorID]14,19,203,54(MaxPercentagedesired_.5)),([Region ID]1_[ColorID]2,53,33(MaxPercentagedesired_.5)),([Region]2_[ColorID]55,212,1(MaxPercentageDesired_.05))) As you can see, it is divided up so you can specify which regions you want to see color changes, then set your colors that you'd like to see spawn for those regions. That way if you only want a singular region to randomly spawn the specified color ID's, you may do so. Obviously, it could get annoying to start seeing EVERY dino sporting the same colors, so then you do it by percentage, exactly like adding dinos spawns in with the "ConfigAddNPCSpawnEntries" line. Granted this may be tedious, but that's why they invented a way to copy, paste save and share, right? There you have it! Keep up the good work guys
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