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  1. VLAG 552 down for 5 hours now, island 46 has been unplayable for over a month. Reports have been put in, just seems like WC does not give a damn about its player base.
  2. It has been down for 9 hours now. I reported it on the google docs form 1/2 hour after it crashed. Guessing at this point it wont be up until the weekend is over.
  3. What the hell, if you can't safely transfer WC should disable transfers. Or have a warning in game, like the 15 minutes you get before a update.
  4. Sorry could not figure out how to edit first pic, here is where wall was damaged.
  5. PVE Base break in thru green house wall, how? So it appears someone busted out a few green house walls to get into my base. Nothing is missing but being it occurred and hour after I logged off I am curious how it happened. I thought PVE had offline structure damage prevention. Any ideas on how this happened and how I can prevent it from occurring again would be helpful.
  6. Roll rat spam Is roll rat spam reportable? The extinction server I play on is getting swarmed by roll rats, seems a few tribes have released sever hundred into the wild and it is killing the server as they multiply. Blue roll rats everywhere and lag is constant.
  7. I have tried moving on and off the platform itself and this seems to work at times also. They definitely nerfed the porters though, I am guessing tele's were being used for duping and this is part of that "fix".
  8. I am having the same issue can no longer connect to any servers that I have played on before, this is beyond frustrating.
  9. Servers not showing I can not find any of the servers I have played. Join last played - nothing, my survivors - nothing, favorites - nothing, connect thru battle metrics say server is not responding. The odd thing is I can see a few of my regular servers in battle metrics, just can't get to them. Any help would be appreciated.
  10. Island 46 down for 3 hours now. I bought RDR2 instead of Genisis because of the server issues. One day WC will learn how to keep its servers up and running.
  11. Thought about pre-ordering a few months back, but the server lag and glitches have changed my mind.
  12. You have to get an appointment with a GM. Start a support ticket and good luck. Last time I put a ticket in first available appointment was 2 weeks later. This means if you are solo you will most likely loose all your stuff. Sorry but as I learned you need an alternate account or a tribe member.
  13. Island 46 has been plagued with lag and crashes. Reports submitted every time. Server is currently down, will most likely loose a few babies on this one, very frustrating.
  14. I would love to see all the developers from WC take a month or 2 and work on fixing the game. No new maps, events or content, just fix the fuxing game. PvP and PvE are both broken.
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