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  1. Happens all the time, the hive is dead. Hives can also stack, giving you a bunch of empty hives on the same tree.
  2. This is getting out of hand, I play on Island PvE and ever since the event the lag has been getting worse to the point where the server is constantly crashing. I was used to the 15 minute world saves, but as said above it seems that there is a save every 5 minutes now. The server I play on is currently down. The most recent glitch is the game will crash for all players on the server but the server seems fine. WC needs to focus on fixing the game and improving the servers before releasing new content.
  3. Quit coming up with events and gimmicks and fix the lag issues. The game is becoming unplayable and only getting worse.
  4. Well that was almost an hour ago, any updates?
  5. Servers I play are still down 1hr 50min so far. Battlemetrics still showing a large number of servers down. Did WC post anywhere on why the servers are down?
  6. Usually play on Island, map has been down for 11 minutes according to battlemetrics, saw most servers only had a few players on.
  7. It would be nice for WC to extend this event servers have been lagged the entire event. Most of the people who play regularly planned on how they were going to raise or harvest what they needed during this event for the last month only to be let down by the lack of planning on the part of WC, the extra traffic should have been anticipated and planned for. Do the right thing WC extend the event thru the weekend.
  8. I hope they extend the event also lost a few eggs last night when the server I play on started crashing, had a few giga eggs ready to pop and did not make it back on in time to save the babies.
  9. WTF 10 minute warning before servers go down after a 40 minute crash Come on WC, server is down for 40 minutes log on and 10 minute warning for server maint How about some warning on this.
  10. Would be nice to see the extra life event extended, lots of lag and server crashes with rollbacks.
  11. This update is really frustrating, worked a 14 hour day at work, only got on to fill troughs to keep dinos alive. Well over an hour has passed now with no end to the download in sight. Will not be able to log in again for another day at least, hopefully I have enough food in the troughs to keep what I have out alive.
  12. Been trying to get the update to download for an hour now with no luck. Have troughs I need to fill before work, guess I will be coming home to dead dinos
  13. SMO was a great guy and a pleasure to have on the server, may he rest in peace.
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