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  1. How do you get this turkey stuff on non dedicated servers. I can't find any holiday related anything.
  2. Lost everything So what, is this game turning into 7 days to die? I signed in to find all of my saved data is gone for valguero. Everything is gone. If I used cheats it wouldn't be an issue so much but my character is gone, my base, and tames are all gone. Everything is gone. I had to make a new character (again). I am on the xbox. I left 7d2d because of this same bs. Now I ha e to expect it from ark? Not happy. Not happy. NOT HAPPY!
  3. Actually meks do "starve" they run on fuel even when they aren't being used. It works like a regular tame. I have my own non dedicated server, most of the time I don't get death notifications or any notifications really. It's also possible they despawned or self destructed since they were spawned in? Possibly even fell through the floor. I've lost so many tames by them falling through the floor on extinction. Couldn't even ghost them out. I've had those issues quite often.
  4. Extinction gaurdians Okay so I beat the king titan twice now. I still have 4 out of 5 empty gaurdian dossier. I finally figured out how to get the final cut scene but I didn't get the gaurdian dossiers after beating any of the titans. How do I get them? Is it a bug? I did everything without cheats. I'm on xbox one, on my own non dedicated server. It also won't mark the scout off as tamed.
  5. Extinction Crashing So I deleted all other map data and all that. I just started extinction yesterday. I'm on my own server (non dedicated) on xbox. This map crashes way too often. Every 10 - 20 minutes. I'm losing so much work.
  6. I was afraid of that. Thanks for the info. I appreciate it.
  7. Curiousity Hi everyone, hope you guys are having a great day. So I was wondering. If I transfer my character to another (Xbox) non dedicated and deleted all saved data on my Xbox, would my character still be accessible? I have issues with corrupted save data so I'm wondering if I can save my character this way but still reset everything on my own server?
  8. I'm on xbox. I have a non dedicated server. I have saves on 3 different maps right now. The island, ragnarok, and scorched. I attempted to move my original character to ragnarok from the island. Lost my character. Made a new one, pulled everything out of ark data then the game crashed. When I signed back in everything in Ark data vanished completely. Had to re do all bosses again. I almost lost my character a second time. But every time I take anything out of ark data my game crashes and everything vanishes. I've list so much armor and weapons. I thought it was just 1 map causing these issues but I have the issue on all maps. The tek cave also says I have tames inside when I don't. It says I have tames 20 tames inside. My tribe mates have also been having issues joining my game. It kicks them instantly most mof the time. The game also keeps saying they aren't online when they are online.
  9. Also how would it affect my tribe mates if I left without them for a bit of time. Not sure if anyone knows that answer.
  10. Hi everyone, I am on the island in a non dedicated server. I am the admin. Can I switch maps when ever and my stuff still be there when I go back? I'm not sure how that all works. I'm bored of the island at the moment but wanna return every now and then. (NON DEDICATED SERVER)
  11. Thanks. I'm gonna try again tomorrow and hope I can get in long enough to transfer everything over. I don't mind grinding but that tek stuff Is life and I grew attached to some pigeons lol. But it seems ill be starting over or just going to a different map fresh. Thanks for the info. I was afraid it would be like that but eh. I'll manage. CHEATS! ??
  12. I am the admin of my non dedicated server on xbox. I was trying to get to the tek cave, it kicked me. Now I can't get back in what so ever. I adjusted settings to see if that helped. Uninstalled everything and reinstalled. But nothing. I can click start session but the second I'm supposed to spawn it, it kicks me to Xbox home screen. I get booted out of the game completely. Its irritating that saving is a huge risk of getting kicked and the chance of the save not even saving plus being kicked every 5 minute when im away from base. Now I can't get back in at all. I was supposed to move some stuff to a different map today but now I can't since I can't even get passed the start session screen. Idk how to post a video of whats going on but I have one if needed. Edit: I have tried logging in on 3 different systems. I cant get in. Im on the Island
  13. I am the admin of my non dedicated server. I can play as long as I don't leave 1 of my 2 bases. Which doesn't leave me with much to do. I've tried releasing dinos to see if it helps keep me in but I only get kicked once I leave my base. I also can't save. It won't auto save and I get kicked if I try to save world. Its making it very difficult to get to the tek cave. Im also trying to move maps since I can't play the one I'm on now (the island) but will that even be possible since I can't even save on the island? Will I lose my character, items and dinos if I switch over?
  14. I'm on a non dedicated server. I cant leave my base at all. I get a small diatance away and my game crashes and sets me back to where I was when I started up. It won't save and I can't cheat save. If I do, it crashes. I'm thinking about changing maps (I'm on the island) but I'm beginning to think it's pointless and am not sure if I can switch back from 1 non dedicated map to another to bring what my tribe needs. I am the admin of my server. Can I switch back and forth multiple times? (sorry if this is over load message but for the life of me I couldn't figure out how to start a thread and I'm getting desperate)
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