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  1. Good job Wild Card. Also, Some PVE servers have alpha boss Genesis mess up. Would be nice if you looked into that. Also Great job on the patches. Though the fight most continue lol
  2. Well, they have a powerful fire ball attack. So making the normal attack stronger might be a problem(specially in pvp). But i do understand were you are coming from in terms of gathering inefficiencies. I agree it needs to have reduction in stone and perhaps ever more of a reduction to metal if its not going to gather the element. Or allow it to farm shards. But that is not a terrible problem. To me a bigger problem would be taming a dino that has no real use and make the saddle only available after the glitchiest boss arena ever. Also, the Magma's hit box...i havent had trouble with that. But if you are saying that is a problem might be worth checking!
  3. Who is your day going in ark? I don't know what is going on with Ark at the moment. I know we are living in tough times. But for me...it has been a terrible 2 weeks of ark. So far: Server turned unofficial from OFFICIAL. How does that happen..I honestly don't know. Lost on that magmas, tek armors, cant beat the boss because everytime i glitch mesh and die because feroxes are not good, and to top it off crashing often. Now, on my extinction server both of my characters has been kicked off my tribe....AND I AM A SOLO PLAYER. I don't even know how to explain that. Yes, I have sent tickets...but by the time they get to me is probably going to be to late. I bet I am not the only one feeling helpless. It has been a terrible ARk few weeks. Honestly, with the whole corona virus things are going south in all ends and all I want to do is have some distraction with ark. But not even that. So far I had one GM say he/she is going to help me. But...i haven't heard from that person in a few days. So...i guess the ARk gods giveth...the Ark gods taketh. all I can say is try to Avoid this two servers at the time: 602 genesis pve official 502 extinction pve official You have been warned!
  4. interesting suggesting that i do crack from a moderator. However, sorry. 2 months. Feels like 4 and just for saying I do crack maybe i should put this on tweeter so that we get a better moderator. Yes i am wrong. It feels like 4. So right now let me tell you the state of my server: This crack head has currently his server down. Server pve official pc 602 genesis. The server has turned unofficial even though its an official server. This crack head has constantly lost his dinos thanks to server crashes on boss, ferox glitching in boss (even though they say is fixed). Maybe this Crack head is tired of losing his stuff because people like you ignore and don't report the problems WE players are dealing with. This crack head says to you thank you sir for suggesting i am a drug addict which i am not. Just a tired player from the bad quality from official servers. May you have a great day!
  5. Genesis...why? ++ON OFFICIAL PVE++ So it has been about 2 months of Genesis and well it has had his good ups but downs. To start on a positive: Ferox: great new addition. Fun animations. Cute. And interesting mechanic. Bloodsucker/Spider: best traveling mount. Creepy in a good way. Space : beautiful design. Giant : water bronto. Big platform. The X Dinos are a good addition. Map is solid. ........ Now the problems: Feroxes still get stuck EVERYWHERE. They still have a chance to disappear if you are taming them on uneven floor. Boss arena still glitchy. Feroxes still pass through the ground and get mesh kill. Feroxes quietly nerf. Attack is much slower. Turtle too slow. Space too slow. (Also meshing machine). ............ Now for how to solve this issues: FEROX: Feroxes climbing mechanic is unnecessary. I would be ok if they didn't have that climbing ability. We already have a thyla with the same problems. In fact, being able to take this Ferox and not allow the thyla now has no argument so thylas have to be allowed to bosses now. And if the arguemt is the saddle... You can put a 500 armor helmet on a ferox. Last but not least, they should bring back the fast attack of the ferox. Right now is useless. Might ass well raise a Rex and its cheaper and much more efficient in any boss. Not even fully addicted makes it stronger than a decent Rex. You might as well take a carno to the boss fight (joke...but kinna true). SPACE Now for the space whale: for pvp is a nightmare. For pve is USELESS. How do you fix that? Space whale needs to be faster. Also, take the teleportation feature away and add speed instead. I would recommend adding 35% more speed. At least it would be a good way to carry things from one side to the map to the other. Like a better questzal. The BIG TURTLE: The problem isn't that is slow in land. Is that is extremely slow in the ocean too. They should add 50% speed on the ocean and leave it slow on land. MAGNASAURS: Magnasaurs are so far the dino with the least problems so let's keep it like that. X DINOS X Dinos should be able to mate with regular Dinos. WHY? well, if you are thinking about game progression you are wasting your time rasing X DINOS as a regular bred Rex now is 30k hp and 1.3k melee. Instead, X DINOS should be allowed to mate with regular dinos so that if they pass the X Gene (x men reference lol) the new Rex that you get has the X Gene with the 5% damage increase and 3% damage resistance. I think this fundamentally will change the game for a better experience. BOSS arena: Well, the problems are few but major. One, feroxes are a hazard. 2, rexes are still the boss killer. It should be the other way around. How do you solve this problem? Make Feroxes the king of the boss arena by giving a 20% increase damage on bosses when fully addicted (Ability only active on boss arenas). In other words, let the ferox will be a strategic dino for solo players and the safe mount for tribes. GENESIS MAP The main problems I see is the size. There isn't much that can be done with that. Main issue with Genesis is well, alpha Missions are hard. Add lag to them and they are annoying, unbearable, and unnecessary. So how do we solve that? Make them easier. Players in ark don't care much about the missions. In fact at least on the servers that I have been on on official most people suffer them...they don't enjoy them. They need to understand that MORE GRIND AND SUFFERING doesn't mean MORE FUN. If they want to keep people playing they need to start thinking about enjoyment for players in the little things too. Lag is a big issue therefore the balance has to be added to that. Maybe Bosses should be thought out in term of HP and Melee again. And balance them out so that there is a way for good players to beat them solo. I think it is unnecessary that ark forces people to be in big tribes for things such as OVERSSER, ISLAND DRAGON, ROCKWELL, OR GOZILLA on extinction. Also, worth saying that I wish ark added more things for decoration on pve. As a builder I believe ark is lacking bad on that. There are so much things they are holding back is crazy. Just with the S plus they gave us a degraded version of what can it be - And it shows. What are your thoughts?
  6. XRexes not allowed on Genesis Boss So, are XRexes not allowed in Genesis last bosS? Or is that just one of those glitches devs haven't fixed yet?? Please help. PC official pve player
  7. Angry costumer here. No Q system. No transfers to allow people to migrate on less populated server. No ticket help. 70 players per map is too little if you are not going to release enough servers. Also, some people have to leave their pcs online for days just to play without having to wait to be allowed back into the map. DILO. Please dont be lazy Ark people. These are basic necessities!!!!
  8. NEW genesis SERVERS! NOW! OFFICIAL REQUEST PC So, clearly all servers are full again. And if you want to play you cant. There is no Que System to get you in while you wait cause Ark Devs are busy partying with our money. Too much to ask for a god Dang it Q system??? Also, transfer off while having enough servers for NO ONE makes players losing their progress. I can hope they do things halve @$$ but clearly..CLEARLY is too much to ask. Pay 30 dollars to play on official...stuck on a map that is always full and cant transfer. And no, i dont want to play on unofficial where admins cheat all the time. IS IT TOO MUCH TO ASK FOR THE BASIC STUFF ARK DEVS???? And please dont say you guys are working on it. Just the fact that ark hasnt had a Q system on 4 years says otherwise. JUST DO ITTTT ALREADY -__- sincerely, Someone that loves you as much as he hates you!
  9. MARKETING Team needs a change! Clearly Ark's new DLC has hit a bump on release day. It is normal, however, to my surprise is the lack of professionalism on the marketing team. We all understand that problems are a part of making games but continuing to lie about the release day and push ads on a false release date after they know it's wrong shows the reason why ark gets so much unnecessary hate. If the date failed just change the freaking date. Send an apology to the fans and problem solved. Instead we have ads, no apologies, and constantly exposing photos to which ruin the experience of ark for the upcoming DLC. At some point they need someone who knows what that hell is going on. This great game needs someone who knows how to talk with people. Not prepubescent adults who have no idea how to work marketing campaigns. It angers me because ark is constantly missrepresented. I have been part of the hate mob. But only to realize that is because of the TERRIBLE COMMUNICATION sent by the marketing campaigns and not to mention the lack of not having a single person who takes all responsibilities to send one clear message to the costumers/fans. We need a single voice. Not 10 tweeter accounts who have no idea what is going and to top it of telling us missinformation.
  10. So there is no time for this DLC? Also, whats going on with that asian restriction for 73 hours? can we make it 100% for official and keep them in that side of the world at least for the first week to prevent exesive exploits, cheats, and over population? Like if you think that is important? SAY NO TO PILLARING lol
  11. Truth be told, they pushed again genesis i bet. they are being quiet cause it is probably full of bugs and they need another month to fix them. At least if they were honest about it. last week of January and they haven't said much since the delay on December... Is like they like shooting themselves in the foot lol
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