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  1. XRexes not allowed on Genesis Boss So, are XRexes not allowed in Genesis last bosS? Or is that just one of those glitches devs haven't fixed yet?? Please help. PC official pve player
  2. Angry costumer here. No Q system. No transfers to allow people to migrate on less populated server. No ticket help. 70 players per map is too little if you are not going to release enough servers. Also, some people have to leave their pcs online for days just to play without having to wait to be allowed back into the map. DILO. Please dont be lazy Ark people. These are basic necessities!!!!
  3. NEW genesis SERVERS! NOW! OFFICIAL REQUEST PC So, clearly all servers are full again. And if you want to play you cant. There is no Que System to get you in while you wait cause Ark Devs are busy partying with our money. Too much to ask for a god Dang it Q system??? Also, transfer off while having enough servers for NO ONE makes players losing their progress. I can hope they do things halve @$$ but clearly..CLEARLY is too much to ask. Pay 30 dollars to play on official...stuck on a map that is always full and cant transfer. And no, i dont want to play on unofficial where admins cheat all the time. IS IT TOO MUCH TO ASK FOR THE BASIC STUFF ARK DEVS???? And please dont say you guys are working on it. Just the fact that ark hasnt had a Q system on 4 years says otherwise. JUST DO ITTTT ALREADY -__- sincerely, Someone that loves you as much as he hates you!
  4. MARKETING Team needs a change! Clearly Ark's new DLC has hit a bump on release day. It is normal, however, to my surprise is the lack of professionalism on the marketing team. We all understand that problems are a part of making games but continuing to lie about the release day and push ads on a false release date after they know it's wrong shows the reason why ark gets so much unnecessary hate. If the date failed just change the freaking date. Send an apology to the fans and problem solved. Instead we have ads, no apologies, and constantly exposing photos to which ruin the experience of ark for the upcoming DLC. At some point they need someone who knows what that hell is going on. This great game needs someone who knows how to talk with people. Not prepubescent adults who have no idea how to work marketing campaigns. It angers me because ark is constantly missrepresented. I have been part of the hate mob. But only to realize that is because of the TERRIBLE COMMUNICATION sent by the marketing campaigns and not to mention the lack of not having a single person who takes all responsibilities to send one clear message to the costumers/fans. We need a single voice. Not 10 tweeter accounts who have no idea what is going and to top it of telling us missinformation.
  5. So there is no time for this DLC? Also, whats going on with that asian restriction for 73 hours? can we make it 100% for official and keep them in that side of the world at least for the first week to prevent exesive exploits, cheats, and over population? Like if you think that is important? SAY NO TO PILLARING lol
  6. Truth be told, they pushed again genesis i bet. they are being quiet cause it is probably full of bugs and they need another month to fix them. At least if they were honest about it. last week of January and they haven't said much since the delay on December... Is like they like shooting themselves in the foot lol
  7. but like seriously, how many hakers play this game? lol I mean, a key and a lock too much to ask? should be easy enough to stop at least normal people from getting into the client files. which would make hackers even more obvious to ban for developers.
  8. DLC RELEASE ~NOT THIS MONTH? Just wondering if the DLC got pushed. Been following tweeter and reading here every day on news about the Genesis release but it seems that the Ark Development team has been very quiet about it. It was supposed to be in December but pushed to January. Now it seems that it might get pushed until summer. I would be kinna disappointed if they do that. Cause that means official servers are going to be overflown with 10 year olds who don't know what to do and a bunch of teenagers on the entire summer lol Is it wrong for me to say that? Lol Being honest here, most server on official pve are currently with less than 10 people every day. I think we need some excitement soon. Not to mention the Mana jump nerf was garbage. If this was supposedly intended to be like this then why didn't you people release it with this? God, I hate people that lie to cover up laziness.
  9. I am guessing the new DLC has been delayed for summer. Not one promise has been kept on time lol I hope there is not an ark Genesis counter...that crap might be in a constant stay of flux lol #science
  10. I have always asked for that. I think they might be to lazy to do that. lol Ark is ark...great and at the same time...lazy lol
  11. El juego sale estimadamente en enero. no se sabe cuando exactamente! feliz año nuevo
  12. AM i the only one who hopes that this map is not transfer locked for 4 months? I find it stupid by this point. Most people who play ark already have things settle...very few new players. Also, they always join a tribe so there is no need to "protect" noobs. But that is just my opinion. I hate to be force to grind when i have spend already a ton of hours trying to up my game with my things. Kinna lame.
  13. Genesis being delayed has now 0 excuses to come out with underperforming servers, has 0 excuses to have MAYOR glitches, and has 0 excuses to come out with fewer servers than previews maps. They should know by now the average amount of players who play on launch! anything less than that is a failure. I hope this is release smoothly. Minor problems are always expected but god dammit most previews launches of dlc have been garbage lol
  14. Perhaps this files should be encrypted by the devs so no one can change them. only them. Just a thought.
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