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  1. think they were saying that they are working on that for xbox...on their tweeter.
  2. Dam, kinna sad what I am reading. I guess I will wait for next DLC. Sad times...
  3. So it has been about 2 weeks since I started my ark break due to the obvious overwhelming ammount of crashes and issues i had with losing characters, and the lack of costumer service provided by WC. But I was wondering how is the event going? Is it worth it for me to come back and check it out or is it still same as the old ones? I am currently just rendering my base just waiting on new DLC waiting for something good to happen in ark. Anything new besides event?
  4. I don't know about the rest but I find it kinna sad that a lot of the trophies or dermises glitch when you transfer them to another map. It is kinna sad that you can't decorate on pve with the things you got from other map. Few things that glitch after transfer: Flag from crystal Isles. Dermises from crystal isles. Dermises from Ragnarok. Dermises from bosses. I think ark should fix this. Or at least allow us to buy them on Extinction with a bug correction so that they don't glitch again when you transfer them. What do you guys think?
  5. God, you are a grumpy old man lol All we can know is what they throw at us. IS ALL SPECULATION BRO lol But, at least there is a sign. And that is all we have! You may now go back to being grumpy! ?
  6. Wait, look at this maybe we can bandwagon my thought now that there is some..."proof" if you want to check this out. A little bit of a clue...I think all in good fun
  7. only reason I expect a new map is because of the sudden drop of players in official after 4x was done. but that is just a guess. Also, to keep us entertained for the next 4 months before last DLC release to the Ark story. Not to mentioned the Tiamat tweeter keeps mentioning that map being PVP oriented. Which is obviously ark's biggest focus. But yes, we already know about the QoL and the TLC. So that is definitely not a big news anymore. A map on the other hand would be entertaining to hype.
  8. You can imagine how I feel now holding onto all this ARK info. Why do I have this job again? ??Fall/Winter will be exciting. Buckle up. If that is not announcing that something big will be released or at least mention on fall...then what does that mean? is a TEASE! lol And there is only a few things they can tease right now to be honest. a Tlc, Genesis part 2, or a Map. Which might be TIAMAT. That is all i said ? But to be honest not expecting much more than a map to keep us busy until Genesis Part 2. If i can be honest. The Tlc is already confirmed...so all
  9. Ced release that hype tweet. Telling everyone that there will be something HUGE coming up soon. That he hated holding that information up. Check his tweet. I didn't say that was exactly what they were going to be releasing. It is my guess as I mentioned. Since that map is the most complete Sponsored mod as of now.
  10. Latest NEWs on ARk 8/19 2020 Over that past days we had a few news dropped by Cedric "ceddybear" from wildcard. Main one being the ExtraLife event being confirmed that is happening. For those that don't know what this event is a charity fund raiser by WildCard that last 24 hours or so. At the same time every donation sums up for a milestone to increase the multiplier of the actual game in official. To those who love the grind this is a great day to farm and breed. In this charity event they always drop big news in regards of future DLCs so expect some Genesis Part 2
  11. The reality is that decision was made to prevent pvp op tribes. But it does impact pve where things work differently. Pve is a sandbox for building and breeding while pvp is a man eat man sandbox game. Also I think 99% of the time they lack consistency in their decisions because they are noobs at developing games.
  12. not a bad suggestion for sure. My only question would be how far would a player be able to expand. There has to be a limit on base expansion. I think that is one of the big problems in ark. and by expansion i dont mean how big the base is but how much SPACE should a base take from the map. You know what i am saying? But I don't mind this idea at all. Seems like a good idea for sure too!
  13. For the OG players you would just leave their bases. Ark devs shouldn't touch those. But the moment those OG players brake that base then that is when they have to start dealing with their new system. That is more what I meant. Start implementing that on the new player. Eventually the old will have to adjust to that. Also, it could start a new movement of communities rather than wasted big spaces for one single person to build a giant box (not that i have a problem with people with 0 base creativity lol very subtle shade to box builders lol). Also, with the implementation of cryofridges a
  14. Main Patches being ignored in Ark Ark obviously is a survival game/sandbox. So building is as much a big part of Ark as surviving the weather, dinos, and the terrain. However, aspects of the Survival have been completely ignored. Night is none existent on ARK: This is a big issue for PVE official. I am up for allowing some gamma settings for adjustments but allowing the range from 0 to 6 is excessive. If I can recommend setting range it should be from 0 to 2. Renders all items made by the developers useless on official. Also, this affects the experience in the caves. Takes the m
  15. 100% Agree! I felt like last update was like..."we are going to do you a favor...from 28 hours...to 18. That should make it easier", Ark Dev team leader says. Studio WilDCard giggles in the meeting. Ced Laughing in the background ,"we got them boyz" Fades out on evil laugh.
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