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  1. Never seen a clip of this Vin play ark. Show me he has thousands of hours and I believe him then. His word means nothing without proof.
  2. Me reading this after almost 15k hours... very insulting for some reason
  3. So they promised that amazing freaking event...but my server goes down thanks to [][][] doing their things as always since 12/29...still down 12/30...now my main is stuck there. MERRY XMAST lol Ark...sigh...
  4. Ok, no this is not a bias view of a random guy saying that all Asian/Russians should play on a group of individual servers from the rest of the other side of the world. However, the general consensus of 99.9% of all Ark players who cannot see Cyrillic or Asian symbols in chat is that we do not enjoy Ark because of people from those places often are the usual dupers or hackers that crash servers all the time. So far Ark has not been able to fix that issue since Ark started about 4 years ago or so. So here is a suggestion: Save records of transfer in server to deter
  5. Ok, as if 2020 could not get any worst the new trailer for ARK 2 was perhaps the biggest thrash I have ever seen in my life. I hate to be the bearer of bad news but ARK just committed business suicide with the new unpolished trailer. Hear me out before you tell me I am crazy. As big a fan that I am of ark with over 5 years of my life spent on the game which would be equal to about 12k hours of game play. This trailer just made me quit ark as I saw the end of it. What that trailer meant for me: 1. Ark will be releasing an unpolished game yet again. 2. Ark is trying to hid
  6. 100% Agree! I felt like last update was like..."we are going to do you a favor...from 28 hours...to 18. That should make it easier", Ark Dev team leader says. Studio WilDCard giggles in the meeting. Ced Laughing in the background ,"we got them boyz" Fades out on evil laugh.
  7. You know when you have played this game since the start which is for me about 12 thousand hours ago. You hope that Patches help. They only help on a very small way and in some cases brake previews fixes. But what bothers me the most is blocking flying dinos or some dinos specifically in some maps in official. Not because it doesn't make sense to block the fliers/dinos but because the dinos which they force you to use are terrible on those maps because maps run very poorly 50% of the time. Which then leads to servers becoming ghost towns. So in other words they are hindering their own serv
  8. Good job Wild Card. Also, Some PVE servers have alpha boss Genesis mess up. Would be nice if you looked into that. Also Great job on the patches. Though the fight most continue lol
  9. Who is your day going in ark? I don't know what is going on with Ark at the moment. I know we are living in tough times. But for me...it has been a terrible 2 weeks of ark. So far: Server turned unofficial from OFFICIAL. How does that happen..I honestly don't know. Lost on that magmas, tek armors, cant beat the boss because everytime i glitch mesh and die because feroxes are not good, and to top it off crashing often. Now, on my extinction server both of my characters has been kicked off my tribe....AND I AM A SOLO PLAYER. I don't even know how to explain that. Y
  10. Angry costumer here. No Q system. No transfers to allow people to migrate on less populated server. No ticket help. 70 players per map is too little if you are not going to release enough servers. Also, some people have to leave their pcs online for days just to play without having to wait to be allowed back into the map. DILO. Please dont be lazy Ark people. These are basic necessities!!!!
  11. So there is no time for this DLC? Also, whats going on with that asian restriction for 73 hours? can we make it 100% for official and keep them in that side of the world at least for the first week to prevent exesive exploits, cheats, and over population? Like if you think that is important? SAY NO TO PILLARING lol
  12. Truth be told, they pushed again genesis i bet. they are being quiet cause it is probably full of bugs and they need another month to fix them. At least if they were honest about it. last week of January and they haven't said much since the delay on December... Is like they like shooting themselves in the foot lol
  13. I am guessing the new DLC has been delayed for summer. Not one promise has been kept on time lol I hope there is not an ark Genesis counter...that crap might be in a constant stay of flux lol #science
  14. I have always asked for that. I think they might be to lazy to do that. lol Ark is ark...great and at the same time...lazy lol
  15. El juego sale estimadamente en enero. no se sabe cuando exactamente! feliz año nuevo
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