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  1. Good thing we have 2x breeding this week. It's already hard to play on Switch... What we Switch players, especially those who visit the official website, want the most is that Wildcard remember us.
  2. My desire is more people in the world who know what one is talking about ☺️
  3. ?? With the first model, you could play play without having to connect it to the current for more than 3 hours minimum with the most power demanding video games. The new 2019 model takes that to about 5 hours, and may be more, depending on the game you are playing and its energy needs. But the magic of ARK on Nintendo Switch is not "playing away from home", but gathering 4 or 5 people playing in the same room connected to the WiFi. I can assure you it was an amazing experience.
  4. Today, November 30, is the birthday of the release of the Nintendo Switch version... congratulations ARK, you have given us hundreds and thousands of hours of joy, suffering, frustration and helplessness, without a single response in all this time by Wildcard Studio. A completely abandoned son...
  5. New Switch update for the one year anniversary from his launch (11/30/2019)
  6. "novice journalist trying to make a name for themself" this has made me funny . You're not understanding anything, I think that simply because it's not of your interest. Seeing your point of view, it's not worth continuing with this conversation. I hope you get the CHATBOX to the position of your dreams.
  7. In my case, I contacted with Abstraction as press media, in search of official statements about the state of this version. The distributor in my country, Koch Media, who provided us the game for review, could not contact Studio Wildcard, as our attempts to contact them also received no response. Of course I know it's an NDA, I work every day with them. The first thing is that you don't know what NDA may have signed Abstraction with Studio Wildcard, second, Abstraction simply communicating the situation of a project, after waiting more than two months receiving messages from a community that does not receive a response by any means of communication. In NextN, the website that I represent, we have even been insulted by users for simply posting on social networks pictures of the game, for supporting Studio Wildcard. It's very sad to try to fight for something, to support it, and that their own creators don't try to support their own video game. Now we're here less and less players, no longer tired of the quality of the game, but of the lack of communication and the transparency of Studio Wildcard, something that could be fixed simply mentioning in one of these weekly posts what they are going to do with the Nintendo Switch version. Instead, the only news we've had since its launch are several events in which the Nintendo Switch version has been excluded, and the announcement of the closure of some servers. We don't know anything about updates, or DLC, or anything at all. The only thing we want is to know what will happen with this version, to know if we can continue playing, if we can continue to recommend this game, or if we should abandon it already.
  8. Have you played the Nintendo Switch version? It's not as horrible as some people says... yes in terms of graphics is so far from the others consoles, but all the gameplay of the others is there... plus a lot of bugs of their own that ruin the experience, including unexpected closures in the worst moments, or attempts to start the game for more than half an hour (sometimes starts at the first, other times, we have to wait), to name a couple of the most annoying issues. What Abstraction assured me, is that if it had been for them, they would not have launch the game in that state, but they could not decide the times, they were forced to launch it incomplete; they only had six months to make the port to Nintendo Switch. They also told me that with more time, it would have been closer to the other versions, and that they have continued working on it improving it until they have seen that they don't receive any response from Wildcard... they have not received any news for more than two months about this version. It has nothing to do with the power of Nintendo Switch, which of course is inferior to that of the other consoles, but of a studio that has not been allowed to do its job, and they don't let it be done.
  9. In my house, on the weekend, we got together four or five people in the same room playing ARK... on Nintendo Switch. That's complicated (not impossible) to get with other versionse. We're all Nintendo Switch players ?
  10. Last week, I was talking to the people of Abstraction about the whole issue of ARK Nintendo Switch version. They want to continue working on the Switch version, but there's no communication about whether or not they can do it, for more than two months. They, in fact, have made improvements, which they can't apply because Wildcard simply does not answer them. I published an article with the consent of Abstraction in NextN: https://www.nextn.es/2019/02/abstraction-games-ark-survival-evolved-switch/ Our friends from GoNintendo summarized it in English: https://gonintendo.com/stories/328639-the-team-who-ported-ark-survival-evolved-to-switch-wants-to-fix In my particular case, I have more than 300 hours, and I "love" the Nintendo Switch version... it has many flaws and bugs, which simply need work to solve. Abstraction, in addition, wants to graphically improve the game, only needs more time (and budget) to do it, something that is understandable. Maybe I like this game so much, because we play it as a family; My son, my wife, my brothers and I, we are playing ARK on Nintendo Switch since it went on the market, trying to support it... but Wildcard is doing everything possible to make me want to quit support them. It's very sad...
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