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  1. Abstraction stopped answering to the users, there by February or March, because they kept receiving the same question over and over again, and they, unfortunately, don't have the answer. They can NOT do anything, the decision of whether or not they can update the game, is from Wildcard, and they received no response from they... even though they had progress made with the Nintendo Switch version. Abstraction is not to blame for what has happened.
  2. This problem also has to do with how Nintendo Switch manages the data of save games (and how badly done it is specifically with ARK: Survival Evolved). There is a way to solve it, luckily. If you transfer ALL your user, from the old console, to the new one, the save games "travel" from the old console, to the new one. I tell you because I have done it (we have 4 Nintendo Switch at home). That is, if you only start your user in the new console, the ARK save game remain in the old one. You have to transfer the entire user. Unfortunately, cloud saving does'nt work here, just transfer the entire user.
  3. Silence is just a commercial decision. If they are sincere saying that they are not going to update this version, they lose many of the sales of the people who buy this game in hopes of updating it. It is very sad
  4. My desire is more people in the world who know what one is talking about
  5. With the first model, you could play play without having to connect it to the current for more than 3 hours minimum with the most power demanding video games. The new 2019 model takes that to about 5 hours, and may be more, depending on the game you are playing and its energy needs. But the magic of ARK on Nintendo Switch is not "playing away from home", but gathering 4 or 5 people playing in the same room connected to the WiFi. I can assure you it was an amazing experience.
  6. Today, November 30, is the birthday of the release of the Nintendo Switch version... congratulations ARK, you have given us hundreds and thousands of hours of joy, suffering, frustration and helplessness, without a single response in all this time by Wildcard Studio. A completely abandoned son... And this is the only image on the web representative about this event. It's sadness...
  7. Today, November 30, is the birthday of the release of the Nintendo Switch version... congratulations ARK, you have given us hundreds and thousands of hours of joy, suffering, frustration and helplessness, without a single response in all this time by Wildcard Studio. A completely abandoned son...
  8. New Switch update for the one year anniversary from his launch (11/30/2019)
  9. What has happened with this version, is one of the saddest things I've experienced in the world of video games. It has the potential to be one of the best versions. Graphically not, because Switch is not as powerful as PS4 or Xbox One, but to be able to meet (as we met) 4 or 5 people in the same room playing ARK... But they have not given him a single opportunity. They are letting it die from its launch, until the day that people leave, no longer enter the game, and announce its closure due to the low activity of users. And it's a real shame, because all those who have given it a chance would be able to give it back, or attract more players... but it's so difficult to attract anyone with this version, a version that seems to have no future. Nor have they ever said otherwise, and that is even worse. You have to be transparent with your users. You owe it for respect, or at least for the money that has been spent on your product.
  10. ¡Happy birthday Nintendo Switch version! On November 30, 2019 it will be a year since ARK: Survive Evolved arrived on Nintendo Switch. Since that day, we have only received an update in December to "Fix for two client lock up issues", and a few months later, half of the servers of Nintendo Switch were removed. I'm excited to know what Wildcard has prepared for this anniversary! A cumulative update? They may also do as if this version had never existed I played every week from November until last July, with my family and friends, about 1,000 hours some of us. And we leave it. We couldn't connect for the holidays for a couple of weeks, and we lost everything. But this is how this game works. However, I continue visiting this website with the hope of seeing some update, whatever, of the Nintendo Switch version, because I would even play again. We miss ARK... and no. Wildcard Studio, still, even now, a year later, things can be done well. Thank you for launching ARK: Survival Evolved on Nintendo Switch. WE WANT to continue playing it.
  11. Hopefully it is really maintenance. I think that message has been displayed for almost 10-12 hours.
  12. Over 700 hours here! And still playing with my family, my wife and my son, who have 100 hours less than me.
  13. Of course, it is playable. If it were not, we would not have been playing every week since November. In our case, we are a family of players, father (me), mother, son and my two brothers, and we had a great times playing this version. Sometimes, we meet at my mother's house to play the four or five, in the same room, exchanging ac chargers when necessary. This is VERY difficult to achieve with other console versions. We ask so little. Better graphics? The fact is that they can be obtained. But already, if only I did not have so many issues, those that throw you out of the game at the worst of times (a disconnection in an underwater fight ... for example). Or those cases in which there is a lot of lag in built areas (something that happens in other versions, but that they will improve), or get the latest improvements were applied in terms of structures (triangular foundations)... In addition, in all this time the island is getting a bit small for us, we want to go further, to the DLC. We can buy another console version? We could, but we would lose that to be able to reunite the whole family. That's better for us than the most realistic graphics on the most powerful PC.
  14. "novice journalist trying to make a name for themself" this has made me funny . You're not understanding anything, I think that simply because it's not of your interest. Seeing your point of view, it's not worth continuing with this conversation. I hope you get the CHATBOX to the position of your dreams.
  15. In my case, I contacted with Abstraction as press media, in search of official statements about the state of this version. The distributor in my country, Koch Media, who provided us the game for review, could not contact Studio Wildcard, as our attempts to contact them also received no response. Of course I know it's an NDA, I work every day with them. The first thing is that you don't know what NDA may have signed Abstraction with Studio Wildcard, second, Abstraction simply communicating the situation of a project, after waiting more than two months receiving messages from a community that does not receive a response by any means of communication. In NextN, the website that I represent, we have even been insulted by users for simply posting on social networks pictures of the game, for supporting Studio Wildcard. It's very sad to try to fight for something, to support it, and that their own creators don't try to support their own video game. Now we're here less and less players, no longer tired of the quality of the game, but of the lack of communication and the transparency of Studio Wildcard, something that could be fixed simply mentioning in one of these weekly posts what they are going to do with the Nintendo Switch version. Instead, the only news we've had since its launch are several events in which the Nintendo Switch version has been excluded, and the announcement of the closure of some servers. We don't know anything about updates, or DLC, or anything at all. The only thing we want is to know what will happen with this version, to know if we can continue playing, if we can continue to recommend this game, or if we should abandon it already.
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