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  1. So I've asked this on the official discord, Ark reddit, and from my future tribemates. Everyone thinks the hitbox perfectly matches the body & head. So I'll have to test it for myself when I finally get the chance. If you're right, then I'll be able to make a character with an oversized head like I hoped!
  2. If ThePryBar is right about the hitbox staying the same for different sized heads, then your observation here is intriguing! It shouldn't be hard to test, just need to try shooting a character with a giant head on the very top. Though the opinion of most people (I asked on Reddit too and tried searching for this info) seems to be that the hitbox matches the character. Yet the Getting Started section on the Official Wiki claims character creation doesn't affect the hitbox. There's a lot of misinformation around.
  3. Thanks for answering those questions. I was going to make a really small character with a giant head on a PVP server. As funny as that would look, maybe it's not the best idea for PVP.
  4. Two questions: Do players (survivors) take increased damage from headshots in PVP? Does a bigger head size on your character mean you have a bigger head hitbox (so it's easier to get a headshot on you)? I've come across a lot of conflicting information about this.
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