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  1. Finally Big Good News, I love you guys. I can't wait to see the new skin of Carno and Plesio
  2. Well, I have hope that will see something about TLC 3 next week. I'm so excited for the Plesio and Carno TLC
  3. Finally, the game glitched again. Other Theri spawn inside my house and killed my two direworlfs tamed and my Argy of transport mutated. Can i claimed that? For lucky I put my Griff inside of the cryopod. Worst update ever
  4. That could be good, BUT NO INSIDE MY HOUSE!
  5. The most Glitched console update ever So after the patch, the game still crashing and that without talk about the lag. I had just entered in my server and first the server fall me ( there was only 15 people in the servef at that moment so that was ridiculous) But when I select my server for 2 time the game crash. God I always hate this event no for the content, but because the bugs and lag. I lost an 145 tamed Alo for the freaking rollback, why WC prefers to give us an event with bugs instead take another week and fix them?...Oh wait I forget the update of Extinction in console, that was ano
  6. I'm building my base in Ragnarok, after flying with the Argy all the map searching for a place to live. Finally i found a place in the cliffs of Vegurs Chasm. I think it will be good, i only need to transerf some farmer crestures and i will be ok
  7. Oh no, I wait this weekend for tame. But I don't understand, why they put creatures with pretty colours but there isn't X2 taming in the weekend
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