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  1. You can't even put vaults on boats.
  2. Zack2

    RE: Kibble Rework

    This kibble change happened a week ago its not gonna change any time soon.
  3. Zack2

    Looking to move to PC ark!

    Sometimes custom built computers can actually turn out to be more than pre-built because the companies get a discount from buying in bulk so they can price it lower. and im not a stepdad.
  4. Zack2

    Looking to move to PC ark!

    the only diffrence from mine is the processor but that should treat you fine
  5. Zack2

    Looking to move to PC ark!

    PC ark runs lovely, However this isn't one of the best things you can get but if you are looking for a gaming laptop this works fine for me. Edit: Sorry just realised your from the UK.
  6. I did that too the other day lol
  7. Zack2

    How do we get rep

    I've been wondering for a while, How do we get rep? I really wanna get into the trading forum and i think this is part of it.
  8. Zack2


    This might actually be a good idea that generates like poles foritself
  9. Zack2

    Hey What going on guys

    Hey guys, My name is Zack and im semi-new to the Ark Community. I recently started playing on Na-OfficalPve-Island47. Im doing this for the trading forum lol.
  10. Zack2

    Welcome To Lag

    Thanks Lmao
  11. Zack2

    Power Rework

    Hey, Zack here. I was thinking what would be something I wanted to see added and I thought a whole power rework would be nice. Anyways what im saying is that all structures would have a power usage amount. Generators would only produce a certain amount. This means that wildcard could add batteries and stuff. They would be useful for windmills because they aren't always up. Anyways thats my idea.
  12. Zack2

    Welcome To Lag

    Get a better pc. I haven't Dced in 5 days
  13. Zack2

    dlc Best Dlc

    Ragnarok is a free DLC....