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  1. So ye I love playing Ark and been live stream posting and done videos on it but I can't anymore I play on console and still feel like a second thought to the pc, I no it dose matter but just need to say this
  2. Look good a little love for console, thank you wc
  3. It looks so good ? can't wait for it to come to PS4 ?, building and farm are my things in ark lol
  4. Love all the stuff you doing and adding to Ark, this is my favourite game for over a year now, thank you to everyone for all the hard work x
  5. I can't wait for the new kibble I love farming so be good to have a new challenge in it ? happy new year to you all at wildcard
  6. Pufferfish083

    Are water pipes

    Yep wires too for got about that one, just when you have a nice base then you have pipe and wires pop out of your build lol,
  7. Pufferfish083

    Are water pipes

    I love farming but is it just me or is placing water pipes a pain and look messy epecially over long distance. I wish to the Ark god's there was a where you got stretch out where you wanted the pipe work to go so see how it looks, then fill it in with really pipes later
  8. Pufferfish083

    Help are frogs good for a cave run ??

    Thank you again yep I have a good look now lol, didn't know there was so many caves lol
  9. Pufferfish083

    Help are frogs good for a cave run ??

    Nice thank you so much been a big help
  10. Pufferfish083

    Help are frogs good for a cave run ??

    Okay I on the center map sorry I should of said that lol, I keep hoping that raptor clause will bring me a frog ascendant saddle lol but no luck yet lol, thank you SmokeyB
  11. Pufferfish083

    Help are frogs good for a cave run ??

    Nice thank you Aylana yep a tamed frog was think trying to get a 150 then leveling it up or breeding them, I will have a look into a bary didn't think of them, thanks again
  12. I am starting to do cave runs, and want to take something different then a saber and wolf, was thinking a frog (one of my favourite) but out for ideas of other Dino's and if anyone knows if a frogs a good idea let me know thank you
  13. Pufferfish083

    So what did you do in ARK today?

    I tame a thylacoleo which was an experience lol, and found a new location to build my new base? happy survivor, so building building building now ?