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  1. Maybe. But I also tried some other servers and there were like sick XP rules where I had everything in minutes. I am quite done with the game for now.
  2. Holy crap thats bad. Damn... I once again reach out now for a server to find. A server with space for me start playing. Hopefully I find one with no assholes pillar-ing up the whole goddamn maps.
  3. Thanks for the offer but I dont want to join a tribe, but create my own one. I always had fun that way. It feels wrong and dumn to play local. The pillar thing is just annoying. So many raptoring wannabes who destroy the game for many people. I can understand everyone who quits this game after 10 hours. Its frustrating.
  4. Hi guys, i am really pissed. I played Ark years ago. Then I came back with the Switch Version but am now back on Xbox One X. It is completely impossible to start the game on any freakin server. Its full everywhere. Assholes sticking foundations everywhere across the whole maps. I tried 15 servers, I freaked out hours to find a place where I could build. Its not possible. Any new player is raptored since he cannot play this game online. Will there ever be new servers or something? I got all the maps but its the same everywhere. I really love the game but I cant start to play it again. It just sucks hard.
  5. Yeah well, whatever you say Boss. I myself sold the raptoring Nintendo Switch and bought an Xbox One X with Ark. Now I can play everything and with awesome graphics. I dont care for the Switch anymore
  6. No it does not say all platforms. They said PC, XBOX One and PS4. Please read it ... The Switch never had any events or will get any events. The Switch does not even get updates.
  7. And thats all it will be. They will continue to remove some dead servers. Why on earth should they invest more work and money in this poor version? I think they realized how poop this game looks and feels on the Nintendo Switch. Its better for them to leave this child dead behind instead of confirming officially that they abandon it.
  8. How many goddamn raptoring threads are you guys gonna open, asking about Switch DLC? Have you learned to read? The questions has been asked a billion motherraptoring times. The answer is still the same: NO DLC FOR NINTENDO SWITCH.
  9. Maverick is absolutely right. You can keep your pink glasses on. Wildcard is not responding to Abstraction. There is COMPLETE silence on the Switch Version while all other versions are being supported all the time. All Switch Gamers should deal with it and be happy with what they have since there will not be more content. How on earth should any of the newer maps run on that old hardware? Thats ridicolous.
  10. There is NO DLC in the making for the Switch Version. It is not up to Nintendo. It is complete Silence between Wildcard and Abstraction Games. FYI, they work on the console versions and they said weeks ago that Wildcard doesnt respond to them. That being said: The horizon is dark when it comes to Switch Ark DLC. There is not even updates coming anymore.
  11. Abstraction Games handles all console versions including the Switch. It is not true to say there are new people on the steering wheel behind Ark. Abstraction ported Ark to PS4, Xbox One and Switch. All versions get updates except Switch. The reasons can only be.guessed. I think the efford needed to fix this mess on the Switch stands in no relation to the sales and number of players. There are only few people playing.
  12. Where is the source for that? Who is this new team? And besides that. It has nothing to do with the Switch Version. That is handled by Abstraction and they have hands tied since the lack of communication with WC. The Switch Version is doomed. Period.
  13. The game is blurry because the Switch Hardware is bad and because the game will not receive any updates. You should change to Xbox One or PS4
  14. They did not officially say that there will be any form of DLC. Show me the quote. Or the link where Wildcard says that. You wont find it. Because it is not official yet and the support of this version itself also IS NOT safe, discussed or mentioned at all. Show me the opposite
  15. I used to play, love and defend the existence of Ark on the Nintendo Switch. After 155 hours of fun, complete silence from Wildcard and the removing of the first servers I knew that it will be senseless to play this version further on. Lets face it. There is no power on the Hardware to handle more stuff. So there will be no Ragnarok, Center, P+ or any of the highly detailled and full of stuff DLCs for the Switch. The second reason because there wont be anything: This version is being played by how many players? There is silence on most servers. So I already did what all of you should do: I switched to the Xbox One X and i dont give a raptor anymore for the Switch Version.
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