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  1. https://www.playstation.com/de-de/get-help/contact-form/#refund-request Thats the contact form. In german. I do not know if it changes to your language when you click on it
  2. Finally a good News! After this massive Genesis fail we will receive a real Ark map this summer. Totally looking forward to it!
  3. All I did was filling out one Page at Sony with some Details. Like order number, Date when I bought it and so forth If you are not getting a refund then you maybe waited too long since Sony only grants you 14 days
  4. 9k hours in this game and i have played on all maps, and genesis IS awesome. If u cant handle it go back to the other maps. Other ppl would appreciate the one free slot u gave up. 1. I am playing SP since several "good" experiences on officials and for time reasons 2. I can handle it, but i dont want to. It is not ARK that I used to know. It is a simpler ARK with microtransactions, limitations and other annoying stuff 3. I am already on other maps, dont bother
  5. It is so ridiculous to read how the defenders of this garbage so called DLC always got an answer to every critic. We cant fly but got Flyers there Answer: Yeah well they said it would be unlike everything we have seen before so it is just normal we cannot fly. Yeah...of course Mission System is crap, limitation sucks ass and being forced to teleport is a Joker Answer: Yeah well they said it is a Simulation and stuff so yeah well blabla Genesis is just a bad attempt at trying something new. It is an attempt to sell you idiots microtransactions in the future to slowly ruin this Games Basis. Anyone out there who played some maps and many hours and is honest would not State that Genesis is simply awesome.
  6. I Think many players agree with that. The hexagons and the shop already seem like Wildcard is slowly introducing us the microtransactions for the future in Ark. Dont like it. Dont like Genesis. But since I have some cool maps I dont need Genesis and hopefully future change wont affect older stuff.
  7. I paid 9,99 for the Game and 22,49 for all other maps except the trash genesis poop. Feelsbadman
  8. (ps4) Flying in Creative Mode not possible on all maps After entering creative Mode in the PS4 it is no longer possible to fly on any of the maps. Also Whistle is broke. After hitting circle he automatically Whistles once. Very annoying.
  9. Besides some Mod here and some retarded Streamers I Think almost everyones got the same opinion: This DLC is trash, the worst so called "map" ever. Bad for all who cannot get their money back. I did get my money back and hell yes I am happy.
  10. Dont Think that there are even more than 140 players who would actually WANT to play this trash map For all PS4 gamers that are disapointed of Genesis: You can get a refund by sony. I got my money back within couple of hours. Genesis is massive garbage and has nothing to do with Ark. Glad I got all money back
  11. Refund on PS4 is possible Hello guys, now that we know Genesis is a huge load of garbage, I was wondering how to get my money back in such a case. All you have to do on PS4 is to contact Sony with the Order ID and all your Details. Genesis is a Season Pass and is in that case a "not downloaded software". You will get your money back. It took me 5 Minutes to fill out the stuff and three more hours later I got the money back Now I can spent it on a Game or DLC that is actually good!
  12. I am right know trying to get a refund for Genesis. I am on PS4. Anyone had Lück with that at Sony? Edit: I asked for a refund. Lets See if i am lucky.
  13. I know they could Patch some stuff. Like being able to Fly. Since there are animals that can fly and be tamed. So senseless... But they wont change the map into a real Big open world like all the ark maps and therefore this DLC will remain as the worst ever. My disapointment Level is on Maximum. Tested it once again last night and its just a waste of money and time.
  14. Dude it is not the fact that easy means "hard as raptor" in genesis language. It is the facts that make genesis poop: No flying Insect swarms 24/7 Forced to quick travel than by your own Almost NO Place to build Giant Turtle is a dwarf And so on, and so on. I Think we are Ark gamers and therefore can Deal with difficulty. In the case of Genesis it is way more why ALMOST EVERYONE says that this is complete garbage. Being only visually stunning doesnt make the content great.
  15. It is the the worst ARK DLC ever released. Please dont be as dumn as many of us were and DONT BUY THIS. There are Tons of reasons everywhere in this Forum and it seems like 90% of the community dislike Genesis
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