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  1. Actually, I kinda mistakened squids' behavior for octopuses, because squids are more aggressive/territorial and more cooperative in their temperament, while octopuses are usually solitary and NOT territorial, so they will not attack anything they don't see as prey. However, in case of vampire squid (on which both Astro and Tusoteuthis are based), they behavioral and physiological traits are thought to be taken both from squids and octopuses, though, due to specificity of vampire's habitat, it's diet consists of pieces of food, falling from upper sea levels, aka detritivore. So is Astroteuthis,
  2. Hmm, all you ideas sound actually really good, though i'd intend for it to be of docile/cautious temperament (retaliates and then flees when attacked, much like real squids), but it still can have a KO tame, or, maybe a passive tame after you've fought it and proven yourself worthy (similar to that implemented in Immersive Taming mod).
  3. Its main feature is the powerful element dust cannon, which allows it to act as near-end or end-game siege weapon, it can be made to have greater explosion radius and/or deal more damage to larger creatures, Tek shields and buildings. And again, I am not the most qualified at this, as that is the first suggestion I made, so any feedback, suggestions and thoughts are more than welcome.
  4. Heh, good point, lol. Actually that makes me think Astroteuthis could be made breedable, even though Astrocetus isn't. Though that would probably be hard to implement, since eggs should somehow float in space as if it was water.
  5. Good day to you, survivors, and behold - Astroteuthis! I came up with this idea because of being saddened by the fact that there's no (from what I've seen) cephalopod-like creatures, whose I find rather interesting, that aren't strictly bound to water. Then I realized that, by combining real-life vampire squid and already existing in-game Astrocetus, we can get a rather interesting creature, just need to get a lil' creative with it! I made a dossier-like sketch, of what Astroteuthis could look like and what abilities it could have. It's far not the best, but I tried hard and put my hear
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