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  1. Same problem with s+ engrams. Developers literally fuc*** up OverrideNamedEngramEntries system for mod items.
  2. Genesis missions table reset Add options for server admin to reset or delete points/times on specific Genesis missions.
  3. I own six servers (PC) with a cross and I'm going to allow the transfer of items and dinosaurs to Extinction. My current setting is disabled transfer of items and dinosaurs to the server from other servers. The problem is that I do not want tamed wyverns on Extinction. No tranfer wyverns using cross-ark dinosaurs / cryopods / eggs. I'll write some experiences I've had so far: CrossARKAllowForeignDinoDownload = only works on aberration NPCReplacements = replace only spawns PreventDinoTameClassNames = only prevents the newly hatched wyvern Delete wyvern folder from server data = generally it broke cros-ark I do not recommend cheat destroyall = only a temporary solution is not permanent If someone has encountered a similar problem or knows a mod/server setting that can totally disable a certain dino or better server setup for cross-ark. I will be very grateful for any help or suggestion.
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