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  1. The HLN-A: I do like that it vocalizes emotes. However, it doesn’t say “Hello” or anything when you wave. It also gets in the way if you stand still and look left. Too bad it can’t be attached to a shield or held in the hand as an option. Anything to remedy the blindspot without having to just unequip it. It would also be nice if there was a way to save the color once you customize it. Otherwise a person has to repaint it every time they fast travel. Very annoying.
  2. I wouldn’t recommend making a new character just yet. It’s probably a long-shot but if enough people were effected there might be a patch.
  3. I just don’t get how poorly the communication is conducted. They’re really just asking for constant complaints. While Community Crunch is an improvement, it just doesn’t make any sense why they don’t centralize the news and announcements. It’s probably safe to say a large number of the complaints are coming from people that just can’t find the information. That’s on WC. Anybody that has ever worked in PR dealing with digital media should know that it only makes sense to post ALL announcements and news in one location, like this website, and then link the Facebook and Twitter posts back to it. The more they keep scattering all the information around, the more it just ticks people off.
  4. Anybody else’s Single Player game get deleted by the update?
  5. Color event is over but since a lot of people left the other maps to go to Valguero there are probably still a few event color dinos left roaming.
  6. Because of the way it comes out, it can also affect dinos that were started before the event. We learned that the hard way and just put those babies on pause until the event is over. Also, while I didn’t notice any problems during the 2x, there are times where the dinos mature too fast to get a full imprint. That applies to dinos started and ended during the event. For players wanting to continue with dinos once the event is over without losing imprint, they just need to cryo their dinos with as much of the 8 hr imprint timer left as possible before the event ends. In theory, that should allow them to pick up where they left off.
  7. Yeah, no acknowledgement that it didn’t even happen. Perhaps they should extend the next EVO Event, or even make it 3x to make up for the letdown.
  8. What’s going on with the creature spawns in the Aberration area? The only things seeming to spawn/respawn down there are Spinos, Crabs and Anglers. I even did a quick fly-through on a dedicated (cheat) server and it was the same. Only once I went down to the radiation zone did I start to see dodos and bulbdogs, but not threats. Also, where are the blue gems? I saw on Reddit someone mentioned they are supposed to be on “high cliffs” but I’ve been all over the area, up and down and still haven’t seen a single cluster.
  9. Definitely not enough servers for Ark’s most beautiful map yet.
  10. Grapevine. A lot of players don’t check the forums, but most players know someone that does and can’t wait to brag about having the latest news. Even I have to admit that I first heard the later corrected news at around midnight in server chat.
  11. I’m saying that people that trusted there would be a warning owe WC a bit of thanks. I literally know a couple that planned their honeymoon around it, and several others that used the opportunity to go on a long needed vacation. Personally, I appreciate it because while I remained active in servers, characters and accounts, it saved me a lot of time refreshing outposts and such. It would be a real pain to have to rebuild taming traps and alternative biome bases. I’m really impressed with how they’ve handled the mess, and it’s even more commendable they didn’t hesitate to post a correction.
  12. Better than logging on to find your base gone, or learning of a lot of other people losing vaults, bases, etc. Remember this all started because of a rollback after an update that destroyed a few vaults. It would really be a bad experience if we had to go through it all again. At least this way, no one can say they didn’t have ample warning. If players don’t refresh their timers this week, players can only blame themselves if anything vanishes. Kudos for WC keeping their word, and props for doing it with a correction.
  13. I’m not very familiar with Primitive+, so I don’t know. However, I believe if you use a transmitter it also transfers items in your inventory. I’m sure there are exceptions, but the safest method, in my opinion, is the data tab. Using the data tab also allows you to share items in the same game type with other characters you may have. Personally, I create a character for each map that I play on in order to avoid having to transfer my character.
  14. On the one hand, I agree people should try to be more constructive when it comes to criticism. It certainly doesn’t help when people just say they are going to quit playing. After all, why would anyone dedicate time and effort to fix something affecting players that are just going to quit anyway? On the other, the only time I’ve really seen significant changes has been after a major outcry from members of the community. A lot of times we see a person venting after they have attempted to address an issue they are experiencing without remedy. Somehow it is easier to look past those posts and only notice when they lash out in frustration. From a PR perspective, the best thing to do is to get out in front of complaints and acknowledge the problem and provide some communication about what is being done to address it. I think WC has done a pretty decent job lately, at least showing they care. As far as the toxicity goes, it is a two-way street. Just like people that get on and rant about their problems, it is equally toxic when others tell them their problems aren’t worth addressing or suggest if they don’t like how it is they should “go play something else.” If they wanted to play something else, they would just go do that. What they obviously want is to play this game in a functional form.
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