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  1. Really? THEY ABANDON SWITCH VERSION also THEY DONT EVEN MAKE SWITCH VERSION! Serwers list are empty on switch. I got full cash back in store with apologies. They shout get consequences abou ARK scam on Switch!
  2. They abandon game on switch. Even Abstraction Games block users on twitter when someone ask about patch. NO UPDATE FOR SWITCH! GAME IS DEAD FOR THEM!
  3. They dont care and they ban people on twitter. I got banned on twitter asking for patch Abstraction Games (they make port on switch)
  4. I got refund of that game in my local store. Just try get yours.
  5. Switch is dead. No updates in future. They don't care about us. They take our money and run! No Snail Games make ARK port. Its Abstraction games! ANd PixARK is much better than ARK on Switch.
  6. We got refund in my country. Game has been deleted from local stores
  7. Switch is dead. No updates in future. They don't care about us. They take our money and run!
  8. No patches for switch this game has been abandoned.
  9. This is bullpoop! Game is unplayable! 14 FPS in areas and broken caves. 240P on screen looks like blurry painting. And game is broken of end. It's garbage that someone should delete from stores!
  10. Never? They abandon this game on switch and yes... hey sorry this is all you get. WC: we take your money so **** off This forum is dead. Developers don't answer here. Maybe start reporting this to Nintendo directly? Maybe Nintendo have some power to force this ***** company to work!
  11. more... Like 10 patches. Game on switch is based on old version.
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