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  1. Maverick81PL

    Anybody lose their server today?

    Have you see first post?? They remove nowe servers from game. Next entire online on switch. Game is dead now on switch.
  2. Maverick81PL

    Nintendo Switch DLC

    No updates for switch. They remove servers from switch because they don't care!
  3. Maverick81PL

    Homestead update

    No future updates or DLC. Switch game is dead.
  4. Maverick81PL

    No Update in Sight

    And they do nothing. Like I said last time. There are no plans for switch patch, update or future something. They already going to remove first pack of servers on switch. PVP are going first. Have official info about that on that forum.
  5. Want proof? You have on first post on that forum. They already remove PVP servers from game. Next entire online from switch. Only PVE we get on switch.
  6. Maverick81PL

    We are being scammed!

    I told you all that we don't get update on switch and servers are going to be disabled. Next is entire online structure for game...
  7. Patch is for PC not for switch. Switch will not get any new updates...
  8. Maverick81PL

    No Update in Sight

    There will be no future updates! On official Abstraction (https://twitter.com/AbstractionGame) they inform straight that WildCard have in ass switch game! They may try contact them but in all PC history with WildCard we know that nothing happened here.
  9. Maverick81PL

    Abstraction Games responded to me

    Believe in fairy if you want. True is that this game is terrible on switch. Its waste of money! And YES I'm huge fan of ARK. On PC I have 900h+ I finish all entire game twice, extinction included. On Switch is murderous experience for players. Its worst working and looking game on Switch. Its true! Hope PIXARK will work and look better than this on Switch.
  10. Maverick81PL

    Abstraction Games responded to me

    wildcard don't care about switch version. Servers are empty. Some of them just been deleted from switch. Game is terrible on switch. Also implemented patch is from 2 years ago when beta been exist on pc. Don't mention about sales...
  11. Maverick81PL

    When will the DLC be released?

  12. HEY! Nintendo SWITCH is also a consola and have ARK! When you fix switch version?
  13. Maverick81PL

    Console patch

    never, they don't care about broken switch version.
  14. They not working. I post email from them on that forum. That's what we get is final game on switch. Future DLC (maps) also are in question on switch. Last update was for server compatibility and future do the same.