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  1. What? Game bareilly run on switch and you want cross play? Game is dead on switch. Soon we will be have only single player because they remove all servers from switch.
  2. No patches for switch this game has been abandoned.
  3. This is bullpoop! Game is unplayable! 14 FPS in areas and broken caves. 240P on screen looks like blurry painting. And game is broken of end. It's garbage that someone should delete from stores!
  4. Never? They abandon this game on switch and yes... hey sorry this is all you get. WC: we take your money so **** off This forum is dead. Developers don't answer here. Maybe start reporting this to Nintendo directly? Maybe Nintendo have some power to force this ***** company to work!
  5. more... Like 10 patches. Game on switch is based on old version.
  6. Game is broken on Switch. Based on old engine. They make us fools...
  7. Not for switch. Also no future updates.
  8. Season Pass?? For what. No DLC on switch. They abandon this port.
  9. Game is not available in my country in shops. Shops says that game has been removed from distribution. WC removing servers from game (first part has already been removed) Game on switch is on old version (not supported on PC or other consoles) They not responding to Abstraction because game is dead for them on switch. (Its a mistake!) So yea we will get all updates and game will look like this on PC ... You people are amazing. You should get your pink unicorn and make some magic XD
  10. No for switch. Switch is based an old version of game. And will not get more updates. They raptor us !
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