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  1. Eu 936 has been offline for 6 hours now. Crashed 11 times yesterday How can these servers be so trash in 2021? you have 70 slots but it can't even handle 20 people with transfers open Should've spended the money u wasted on vin diesel to be in the trailer on new servers instead
  2. Any small creature approaching someone with a tame Sinomacrops will be met with its flashing eyespots and piercing shriek. That’s usually enough to stun an undersized interloper. It probably won't 'attack' anything bigger then a raptor
  3. Even after you transfered off the server and back into it ?
  4. Happend to me also some time ago, tried finding something about it and all i found was people saying its a 'bug'. But in like 20 reaper tames it happend to me once
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