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Dossier: Titanosaur

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Yeah, Thats what the game needs, more contend. Why fix the gazillion bugs, if u can just crap out another generic dino.

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The only problem i have is when you leave a game on a flying mount and when you load it back your free falling and cant get back on. 

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everyone here says fix bugs incase no one has noticed with every patch they release in the notes are atleast 2-3 bug fixed fps fixes and memory leak fixes *facepalm*

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To the people saying "fix bugs": you are aware that his is just an announcement of a dino they intend to add, right? They're not adding it right now, and in case you didn't read the patch notes (as your ill-willed, snide comments suggest), Wild Card fixes multiple bugs and memory leaks every time they release a patch.

Mayhap do some research next time, before jumping to conclusions?

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