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  1. Fleshlight -Dodo Ovi Wan - Oviraptor Cliffhanger -Spino (with low health that if it falls off a cliff its dead). Luftwaffles -Quetz Flamingle -Pink Quetz Jerry Springer -Frog Cunninglinguist -Frog LeBron James - Bronto Spore - Ankylo Beetles - Nopoopsherlok - Nugget - Turd the III - Winnie the Poop Trike - Joan of Ark , Jhon of Ark. Doed - Bollocks
  2. Is that all you got? What an incompetent bunch.
  3. Lionheart

    Dossier: Titanosaur

    I've seen the same bugs since the 1st day i started playing ARK... that was in July 2015...
  4. Yessss. Much needed element. Can't wait for the ruins.
  5. Tek Tier and Desert Biome. Soon i hope 'cause we're getting bored.
  6. I like it. More airborne diversity.
  7. Do these additions explain the 2GB download file?
  8. That sale means you gotta whip out that fat wallet of yours and buy more servers, or improve existing ones to accommodate more players and NOT at the expense of losing dino spawns. The winter wonderland is great and very nice content in wraptor gifts
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