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Rollback of Temp Servers

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  • Joebl0w13 changed the title to Rollback of Temp Servers

It must be about 12 Hours of Rollback overall. It is on the state my game was today morning. Leveling gone, repaired my raided base - undone. Raid undone - but the attacker will have another oppurtunity now, because he knows the base layout and where to use his rollbacked Explosives for the good.


Pretty long time span. Any reason for this are known?

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Will you at least give us our things back? If you weighted the problem and the one you will create i think the one you created was bigger... You made so much players mad and these players support you and pay you... Why i got you dlc? So you can do this to me? I demand to take back the rollback and despawn any dinos transferred or items or give us our things back... We deserve it... If you don't do it i am not paying for anything from your hands again... And know a lot more of your players and fanbase will do just that!!!! You should have done the rollback when the issue happened and be only only one hour or less... You guys are not developers... You are clowns...🤡🤡🤡 Or just for gods sake close the servers when the issue happened... So this poop doesn't happen... You guys surely dont have brains... A goldfish is smarter than you guys... Congratulations!!!!🥳🥳🥳🎉🎉🎉🎉

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As a player, I am quite dissatisfied with the handling of using loopholes to dump supplies of dinosaurs on the scorched earth map. I have now considered abandoning the pit and have had great hesitation in purchasing Ark II.
For the handling of this incident, I believe that wildcards no longer have enough ability to operate a large game well, and do not have enough courage to operate a healthy and fair gaming environment.
Not only did you not punish the players who exploited the vulnerability, but you also did not even do a data rollback on the PVE server, directly defaulting to players exploiting the vulnerability. With such an ability and attitude to handle unexpected events, how can you make users believe that you have the ability to operate and maintain a new game.
It is also recommended to launch Ark II in the future, where wildcards will transfer the agency rights to a capable, responsible, and courageous company

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