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Scorched Earth Tek Suggestion



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Interesting as this idea is, I do think it should be balanced a bit.

I think the biggest thing is adding a cooldown between uses. That way you can't skim the map for a high level of every species. You select the species you want, activate the machine, and it'll stay locked to displaying information for that species until the cooldown wears off. 

Creatures should also probably be highlighted in a certain zone on a map as opposed to giving exact coordinates, or you should need to pair the console with a handheld device that acts like a tracker of sorts, helping you pinpoint the location of the creature. This makes this feature a little more interactive and stops people from simply "fly here fly there get every single high level on the server". 

Also, only like one per tribe or something. I know people will get around this limitation, but having a console for every species should be discouraged. 

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