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Tylosaurus the underwater torpedo


The tylosaurus will spawn at depths where plesiosaurs can spawn

When aggravated they will chase to the surface 

They are smaller then Mosas but bigger then plesiosaurs there speed is the same as  manta 




They are tame by passive feeding there preferred food is simple kibble or by knocking it out using tranq darts and arrows




The tylosaurus would be fast and would be able to high out of the water 

With a bite that can be fatal be bleed and can grab, which would grab small creatures in it's mouth and a barrel roll that stuns medium creature

The tylosaur is immune to Cnidaria and electophourus attacks

By producing a special oil




The saddle would be unlocked at level 42

Which would act like a booster with gasoline similar to the troponathus


So add the tylosaurus to ark


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