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Tyrannotitan colossus-The Colossal Theropod Kaiju That Eats Gigas and Titans!



Name: Tyrannotitan colossus

Time: Middle Cretaceous

Diet: Carnivore

Temperament: Aggressive



At first, I had thought that my travels around the Ark had revealed that Giganotosaurus and Carcharadontosaurus were to two largest terrestrial predators to exist, but once I came to Earth, I was dead wrong! Towering above both of them is what I believe to be Tyrannotitan. Spending most of its time slumbering, Tyrannotitan only stirs when it feels hungry. And trust me, nothing is safe! Corrupted Creatures, Gigas, Carchas, etc are all prey to this immense monster of Kaiju-proportions!  If its huge size wasn't enough of a deterrent, evidently Tyrannotitan can also spew a beam of corrupted acid, instantly vaporizing the largest of creatures! 


Legends run amok on whether such a monster as Tyrannotitan can be tamed. Rumor has it a tribe in the distant past tamed Tyrannotitan to crush their foes, knocking it unconcious by firing rockets into its mouth as it was about to spew forth its deadly beam of bile! In the prescense of the Titans, Tyrannotitan itself seems to get a buff, dealing increased damage and moving at nightmarish speed for something the size of a building!


1. Bite: Tyrannotitan bites its target for 1000 damage (does x5 damage to Titans, Titanosaurs, Corrupted Gigas, and Carchas)

2. Claw Attack: Tyrannotitan slashes twice, dealing a total of 800 damage, inflicting bleed!

3. Tail Slam: Tyrannotitan slams its tail to the ground, dealing 2000 damage and immense knock back.

4. Stomp: Tyrannotitan stomps the ground, dealing 500 damage and flattening any creature smaller than a Rex instantly!

5. Bile Beam: Tyrannotitan spews forth a stream of boiling hot acid from its mouth, doing a total of 50,000 damage if a target is caught in a full blast.


Prefered Food: Giga Hearts

Taming Method: The only way to tame Tyrannotitan is to fire RPGs into its mouth as it charges up its bile attack! 

Size comparison between Tyrannotitan and its favorite prey! 


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