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  1. Spawn Map for LI is out. This isn't shocking. LOL
  2. True but if you don't have a big apex predator like a high-level Rex or Giga you are kind of screwed. On Raptors/Sabers/Thylas/Carnos etc. Stegos can swipe you off and getting surrounded by a dozen or more of the things means you are toast. Edit. Here is Stego counts as per the server I am on. It can even go up to 1.1k at times! Compared to other herbivores:
  3. Is it just me or is there Stegosaurus everywhere on the map, particularly in the southern swampy jungles The server I am on has over 1k Stegos making them the 2nd most populous herbivore other than Dodos! Is it just me or is anyone else encountering dozens upon dozens of them in a single frame. Looking at the spawn entries for LI, Stegos are even more common then Dilos of all things in these regions! I can kinda feel that someone forgot to put a 0 in front of the 4.
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