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Sunken Scoop 2: Vote Winner Concepts, Edestus Model Reveal and More!


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Welcome back denizens of the deep!

As you can probably tell by the image above (thank you ZCI!), this scoop is a big one! We've been hard at work these past two weeks getting mechanics mostly finalised for the winners of the creature vote, alongside polishing up some concepts for the other creatures in our mod. In addition, a new fiery friend will be making his debut!

To those gracing the Sunken Shores for the first time, we are a dedicated team of individuals who are looking to spruce up the ocean biome in the same way that Scorched Earth offered a unique, biome specific challenge to survival. New creatures, resources, structures, items and more, all set on a huge custom map, we're looking to give ARK's oceans the TLC they deserve! The main goal is to bridge that huge gap between early and late game ocean exploration, and make it much more viable and more fun to live a life beneath the waves! This is unofficial content and is only related to our mod. It is in no way related with the official game and its content releases. With that out of the way, let's get into the news!


Two weeks ago, an unthinkable tie occured in our own little creature contest. Rather than pick one or the other, we decided to throw caution to the wind and just add both! Introducing the finalised concepts for Diving Beetle and Shonisaurus! Once again, massive thank you to ZCI for the art!

Diving Beetle: The Ballistic Motorbug


Common Name: Diving Beetle
Species: Dytiscus scaphopelta (Shield Boat Diving Beetle)

Diving Beetle is our homage to an artillery arthropod of creature votes past with our own unique spin! This critter is a lot more whimsical than it's stoic cousin, loving the thrill of zooming across the waves. The Diving Beetle has evolved to almost be like a sea turtle, returning to land to lay its eggs, with the young hiding out in jungles until they've grown large enough to enjoy the surf under the tropical sun. A Bastion Beetle homage wouldn't be complete without a cannon, though with its much smaller and agile frame, shooting the thing can be a challenge. Your beetle will most likely spin out from the strong recoil of its cannonball shooting saddle, though hopefully you'll find this trait as endearing as the TSW team did when we designed it!

Taming will involve passive feeding the babies in the wild, then letting them grow up under your care before taking your new Beetleboat out for a test drive! Aside from its powerful artillery, when tamed you can steal a breath of air from underneath its elytra in emergencies!

Shonisaurus: The Vortex Hunting Ichthyosaur

Common Name: Shonisaurus
Species: Shonisaurus voragovenator (Whirlpool Hunting Lizard from Shoshone)

This enormous ichthyosaur has a hunting strategy as dangerous as its emboldened allies. Always followed by a group of its smaller relatives, its prescence seems to greatly boost their attacking power, turning otherwise skittish sea reptiles into a dangerous pack hunters! And while you're dealing with an angry group of Ichthyosaurs, their giant commander will be pulling you in! When Shonisaurus opens its maw, it can create a vortex that sucks in smaller creatures, or holds large animals in place! The hapless prey will then either get torn to shreds by the Ichthyosaur swarm, or engulfed by its colossal cousin.

To wrangle one of these oceanic giants, allow it to create a vortex and pull you in, then drop as many narcotic items as you can to knock it out before it swallows you! Apart from its powerful arsenal, the Shonisaurus also has enough saddle room for all your friends!



Introducing Edestus! This magmatic goblin shark will rip and tear through your enemies with a flaming nose-sword as hot as a 1000º knife through butter! We're very excited for you to be able to ride into battle on The Volcanic Blade! Thanks to Snappin for putting together this reveal and Nitz for bringing the creature to life with his incredible model.


In addition to the vote winners, we also have a bunch of new and revamped concept art for other creatures on the roster! We've reworked the older art of the Blue Whale, Marine Iguana and Orthocone, and finished our official concept for the Hullrender Hermit Crab!

Blue Whale


This creature will be the largest living creature on the map, and we've redesigned its niche to be a bit more interesting. Like an organic Stryder, this enormous animal will be host to all kinds of different lifeforms (attachments), which give it different abilities depending on what takes root on its back. Homing fish swarms, nourishing algae and more, this creature will either be a powerful war submarine or your own personal island paradise! Thank you once again to ZCI for the rework! 

Marine Iguana


The lovable semi-aquatic reptile gets a fresh coat of paint! It retains its former niche, an early game mount that's equally comfortable on land as it is in the sea, but we felt the Marine Iguana needed a little more ARK-ification to fit in to our cast of creatures! Thanks to WaterWitch for breathing some new life into our salty sea-beast!

Giant Orthocone


Orthocone also recieves a long overdue rework to its design. Properly ARKified with a design that is more fitting of its niche, a giant oceanic battering ram that gets stronger the faster it moves! Of course our resident cephalopod enjoyer, ZCI, is the one that graced us with the updated artwork!

Hullrender Hermit Crab



A previous vote winner itself, our Hermit Crab finally has some art to call its own! Essentially a giant coconut crab (which are members of the hermit family themselves) even its impressive armour pales in comparison to some of the giants that inhabit the waters of the Sunken World. This means it takes to the habits of its smaller relatives, wearing shells as armour. In addition though, it is commonly seen using old shipwrecks that litter the seafloor to use as defense as well!

Its powerful claws are skilled at tearing apart shipwrecks for wood, or pinching an enemy into submission! Thanks to RexMyPet for creating this crustacean's concept!


While we may not have anything to show off yet, we'd love to feature your artwork or videos in the scoop! We'll be opening up a submission channel in our Discord, and will also be accepting any submissions through Twitter (tag us @ARKSunken or with the #SunkenScoop)! We hope to see some of your creations related to all things Sunken! 

That's all for this massive issue of the Sunken Scoop, thanks for tuning in! Hope you're just excited as we are for all the content reveals, and if you'd like to discuss them further, our discord is the best place to do so! Have a wonderful timezone!

If this is your first time seeing TSW, check out the links below to find out more! Please note that if you want to play our mod, you need both the map and creature mod active.
Discord: https://discord.gg/BAkvgc7
Map Mod: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2182740759
Creature Mod:https://steamcommunity.com/workshop/filedetails/?id=2182770728

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23 minutes ago, L4nc3C4RM4CK said:

if the hermit crab wins the center vote, will the sunken version still be implemented, or will it pivot to be a sunken variant of the official version?


We're not entirely sure yet, we'd most likely just have to wait and see (though we'd obviously prefer to make our own haha)

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7 hours ago, ashgcy said:

We're not entirely sure yet, we'd most likely just have to wait and see (though we'd obviously prefer to make our own haha)

i think u should make ur own as a mod team, i have and always will support art made by different people that are or not about the same creature but just different idea of said creature/art i think its intresting to have a diverse take on something not to mention pretty cool so i'd love a sunken world hermit crab lol the artwork design for ur creatures in this chrunch are still as remarkable as ever and im glad ur still takeing this new approach to showing off whats being worked on in the Sunken world mod team keep being awesome guys! : ) also yes ZCI is epic lol

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