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InShot_20230629_082146567.jpg.cfc9ec1568dd8ff34ddd084e0ac95eb2.jpgHello my dear Ark survivors. This time I bring you a new dino for the Aberration Map. With overwhelming strength and a special ability that makes him unique among all dinos, I present to you:


The bloodyraptor is a therapod that mutated from the Ceratosaurus, it underwent different mutations due to the radiation that entered the Ark of Aberration. The main feature that stands out in this dino is its retractable tongue with which it can suck the blood of its victims, but that's not all, since it can use the blood of dinos as a DNA sample to fertilize sterile eggs of the same species of dino from which the sample was drawn.


A shadowy creature that hides in the darkness of the Aberrant Ark, we can find the Bloodyraptor sharing spawm with Ripers and Rock Drakes, so we can find it in radioactive zones or in the light zone. He has a very aggressive temperament and will attack any dino that approaches him, all carnivores respect him and they will not attack him unless they are attacked by one. Its size exceeds that of an allosaurus but is smaller than that of the Riper.



Having a BLOODYRAPTOR in your Arsenal is a convenience, since you can do without dinos to breed, just find an unfertilized egg and take a DNA sample from a male of the egg species to have your own fertilized egg ready to incubate. Its great strength and size combined with its sharp fangs and claws make it a voracious predator that can rival any dino in Aberration, it can even put up a good fight with the Riper. Its diet is based exclusively on blood, but once tamed it can eat any type of meat.



Primary Attack:

 A bite with its strong jaws that deals high damage and collects blood packets. (This would be the second dino from Ark Survival with the ability to extract blood from its victims since only Desmodus is the only one that could do this)

Secondary attack:

It uses its sharp claws like those of a Deinonychus to inflige scratches that deal bleed damage.

special attack:

An attack that deals almost no damage using its retractable tongue like a syringe, this attack is used to take DNA samples from dinosaurs which will be saved in the Bloodyraptor's inventary, the DNA sample will have the same appearance as leech blood but in the item data it will say the information of the dino where it was taken from. The attack is so painless that it does not awaken the fury of aggressive dinos towards you. (You can only use this attack every 3 minutes)



• The main ability that most attracts our attention of this dino is his ability to fertilize eggs. To do this you need an unfertilized dino egg (either wild or tamed by you), the next thing would be to find a wild male dino of the same species as the egg you want to fertilize, using the special syringe attack with his retractable tongue he will be able to take DNA samples from the dino and it will be saved directly to your inventory. The DNA sample will look the same as leech blood, but it will only be stored in single stacks and the information will tell you what species of dino it is and the level. Then you have to enter the infertile egg in the Bloodyraptor's inventory and select the fertilize option that will appear in the DNA sample (this option will only be enabled if you have an egg of the same species as the sample) The level of the egg's dino will depend the level of the mother that laid the egg and the level of the male dino from the DNA sample remained. What is the downside of fertilizing an egg with the Bloodyraptor? The downside is that dinos born from artificial fertilization will be sterile, males will not be able to reproduce and females will be able to lay eggs but not mate, therefore they will not give fertilized eggs, but this won't be a big problem if you still have a Bloodyraptor on your side, because a DNA sample from your sterile dino is valid to use in the egg of the infertile female, so as long as you have this dino the sterile creatures you have will be useful to breed.


•Ability to drain blood with his primary attack just like Desmodus, with a recolection efficiency of 4.7

•You can also collect rotten meat from corpses with the primary attack, the secondary extracts raw meat and prime meat. Pickup Efficiency 4.2

•Can extract Biotoxin from dinos that generates torpor, gathering efficiency 3.0 List of dinos that you can extract Biotoxin from in Aberration:









•The Bloodyraptor is immune to radiation.

•Dinos born from artificial fertilization by means of a Bloodyraptor are also immune to radiation.

•It has a utility mount that functions as a wandering smithy.

•You can make Sanguine elixir in your inventory (same as a Desmodus)

• It has a special bag in its throat where it can store eggs, these can be picked up with the primary attack, making this dino special to steal rock drake eggs, or Wyverns on other maps. Not having to get off the dino to pick up the egg avoids necessary risks and although the Bloodyraptor cannot fly it is a dino strong enough to defend itself against dangerous dinos like rock drakes, but be careful that there are not too many against you or you can lose the fight.



The taming method is violent by knockout, you must make it fall unconscious to feed it, the only food you can give it is blood packets, but it won't get hungry unless you feed it with a rock drake egg, the egg will stimulate his appetite for 30 minutes, if he lets the effect wear off, he will stop feeding and you can lose your taming progress, if the dino is not tamed before the first 30 minutes you can give him another rock drake egg to restart his Appetite timer to 30 minutes without losing any of your taming progress. It is not a very complex method but it does take a lot of attention in terms of the course of domestication time.


In summary, I can tell you that the Bloodyraptor is a mutation of the Ceratosaurus, excellent for combat, equal in strength to a Rex or Spinosaurus (It can be more or less strong depending on the decision of studio WILDCARD). With a great ability that makes him absolutely unique among the dinos of ark since he can artificially fertilize any sterile egg with a DNA sample from the male dino of the egg's species. Also a great harvesting dino being able to collect resources that almost no dino can collect like blood packs, rotten meat and Biotoxin (Biotoxin can only be extracted from poisonous dinos). He is also a skilled egg thief who can collect them directly from the ground or from the nests without the need for you to get off the dino and as a final touch a useful utilitarian mount that works as a traveling blacksmith, as well as the ability to make the Sanguine Elixir of Desmodus with blood. that Bloodyraptor collects from its victims.



PS: I want to leave the dino's base stats up to studio WC because I know they can give it a better balance.



Soon I will leave you the link of a video on my YouTube channel, explaining the characteristics of the dino. (Audio available only in Spanish, will soon be available with English subtitles)



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Name: Ceratosaurus

Species: Ceratosaurus Dentisulcatus

Time: Late Jurassic

Diet: Carnivore

Temperament: Territorial




I was searching all around the regions of this aberrant cave system for large theropod dinosaurs, but I saw four of them on my journey. Spinos and carnotauruses were everywhere, baryonyxes and megalosauruses on separate places. But now I saw a big one in the bioluminescent region, which had a horn. It's called Ceratosaurus Dentisulcatus which its name means horned lizard. Males have 10 inches bigger horns than females. It loves to live in the bioluminescent region. I'm finding it too absurd when a carnivore dinosaur likes to live in places where the rivers, lakes, trees, or plants are glowing. Yeah, I've no problem with this. But the strangest thing is the glowing horn. I think it's for defense against terrors. Actually it defends the place and its creatures from our enemies. Their stripes on its back can glow while the dinosaur is walking in darkest places. They are immune to the radiation at the molten element region. But some are rarely found.


Their favourite meal is the nameless venom. They don't consume it for the taste, Their recharging time is more than one hour and the venom helps a lot with charging faster.





Ceratosauruses are not aggressive to humans. One venom from a small terror is enough to join our fight. They are big fans of nameless venoms. With the ability of this dinosaur we have to sweep all of the terrors of the infected area. The bad thing is it charges slowly. So if you wanna to survive in the bioluminescent or in the molten element region, you must feed your ceratosaurus with venoms. The venom charges it faster than waiting too much. Their loud roar is very good for more reasons, freezing the little critters, intimidating Rock Drakes. The females are buffing up their mates to increase damage, even the males are giving that to mounts to deal critical damage.


Taming: The Ceratosaurus smells your nameless venom. Slowly walks towards you. Feed it with that to light up its horn and help in your fight. Kill nameless hordes with it to tame (Alpha nameless is more effective because they're carrying venom).




At level 1:


Health: 967

Stamina: 187

Charge capacity: 1500

Charge regen: 75

Oxygen: 245

Food: 1800

weight: 243

Torpor: 1342

Melee damage: 125

Speed: 100




Glowing horn: defensive against namelesses and reapers, helpful for too dark nights and Damaging Reaper Queens to get impregnated. It charges slowly by itself.

To recharge the Horn you need to gather charge from glowbugs or feed it with nameless venoms which gives 500 charge


Roar: Scares Rock Drakes away to steal the eggs easily, Kills namelesses, females are increasing 2,5x of damage to their mates for 1 minute, males are duplicating that damage for themselves and giving further to mounts to deal 5.0x of damage


Venom collector: The Ceratosaurus is an expert venom collector. Collects 5 venoms from namelesses 10 from alpha ones.


New items:


Ceratosaurus saddle: Available at level 65



350 fiber

750 hide

300 metal ingot

100 blue gem


Reaper grower: It increases the maturation percentage by 10.0.




8 prime meat

50 nameless venom5

reaper pheromone gland


Can be crafted at: Ceratosaurus saddle




images (1).jpeg

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the charge ability is useless because on abb there are no other shoulder pets then light pets, the saddle is expensive, damage is insanely high, hp, weight  and stam is low for a giga power creature. Reaper growing potion grants enough maturation for reaper to get out of the aggresive baby time, which vanishes the need to use reaper queen pheremone. Up to x5 damage increase is TOO OP (yutyrannus gives just x1.3 dmg for comparison). A roar that scares rock drakes, which are APEX predators of abb is ridiculous. There are no gigas/carchars on abb for a reason and most of ark players probably prefer it to stay that way, and I just realised I'm typing this on not top 25 creature xD

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  • One thread per creature
    • If someone has already made a thread with your creature suggestion, feel free to upvote the thread and post your own ideas and thoughts into that existing thread
  • Must be a real-world extinct/prehistoric creature (dinosaurs, mammals, reptiles, etc)
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I will vote for ceratosaurus but only if is guaranted that he will not be exclusive for aberration, that he will be for aberration but other maps too.

 My idea for ceratosaurus would be making him be able to use his horn to tople turtles or certain creatures that looks heavy (Even if they are not) to the side or upside down and let them without being able to attack for a certain period of time, like 30 seconds maybe and taking increased damage while topled, in wich then they will get up after the time they had spent topled end, in this case the ones that can be riden, the survivor would be unmounted when ceratossaurus do that. Then the dossier could mention him using his horns to perfect this strategy for hunt leaving the belly of the prey being completely shown and easy to attack, but the survivors using it for battle. 

 This ability could work on carbonemis, stegosaurus, akilosaurus, kentrosaurus, diplodocus, daedon, trike, morelatops, and looks alike ones... (In case of stegosaurus survivors won't unmount when stegosaurus has the plate that prevent unmoounting, but will still be topled and unable to do anything for 30 seconds)

 When the creature is topled, he cannot be topled again for a whole minute, so the ceratosaurus cannot tople lock them.

They can also mention him using his horns to lift rocks to farm rare mushrooms and flowers wich he uses on rare ocasions when he is sick, but can be used to help survivors gets those items from rocks, cristals, obsidians, while also farming very low quantities of rock, cristal and obsidian. (for example he hit a rock with his horn and farm 80 rare mushroom but only 5 rocks, same situation for cristal and obsidian) 

 They can also mention that when eating rare flowers or mushrooms, he create the item antidote in his inventory in large quantities, that can be used by the survivor. The dossier could be like, after some time he regurgitates the flower, mushroom, but in the form of antidote.

Taming should be standarth knockout and feed, however he could also use his horns to make dances to attract mates like real world birds, for example when the player already owns one, he can use it to taming another of the opposite gender, making the one he is using to dance to attrack the other, when doing so, he could perform dancing moves that in game would work like when the player is fishing and has to press the appropriated keys, this should be easy and when done right the other ceratosaurus is instantly tamed with max effectiveness. For this to work better, tamed ceatosaurus will only be attacked by ceratosaurus of the same gender, or will be completely ignored by both genders of wild ceratosaurus if it has mate boost. In this case he will be able to be tamed in both ways. 

 His stats should be 375 health/400 health, 33/35 damage and be able to wear a saddle.

His size should be more or less the size of the real ceratosaurus.

Tell me if you guys think my idea is too much exagerated and would not work well on the game, because even i think some of those things could be too much.

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