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ASA Scorched Earth Map TLC Suggestion NEW BIOMES ​☺️ ​


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With the upcoming ASA update of Scorched Earth I'm proposing to include some additional Biomes as a GIFT to the player base.
Here are some ideas and hope Wild Card can include this, fingers crossed. ☺️

  • Death Valley / Bone Yard / Graveyard Biome

  • Tar Pits Biome (has Toxic gasses and Tarpit traps)

  • Geyser Fields Biome

  • Underground Ruined City Biome

  • Baobab Tree Biome with Dragon Blood Trees (similar to Redwood Biome but a desert version)

  • Sand Pits and Sand Falls Quicksand Biome (Imagine Sand Hour Glass)
    1557642669_Sandpit.JPG.1e5724aef079c30c72adfb5582dcfce3.JPG 2130494938_SandHoleEntrancetoPitFallBiomeLocation.JPG.d5cd015a0d96411d8c4c4121e43cd112.JPG1227470192_SandPitFalls.JPG.d56bbaf80fa4d5c99556406920a2ca16.JPG

Dragon Blood Tree Forest.JPG

Tar Pits Biome 2.JPG

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