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Ark Additions  

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  1. 1. Should Ark Additions be brought onto consoles?

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With the sponsored Mods program in affect, again, I'm sure we all have a whole bunch of MODS we'd all love to see Wild Card supporting and improving. Of course, we mustn't forget the most recent mod they're supporting now, the incredible ARK Additions. I for one, am ALL for new creatures being brought into the game, all for diversity and expanding our Dino Rosters for incredible online battles, and even trying new strategies against the bosses. We know Brachiosaurus is included in this mod, and that it's confirmed to arrive in ARK 2. Introducing it into ARK 1 through Additions would be an excellent way for them to experiment, let players who haven't get a feel for the lumbering titan, and see what they can improve or alter for it's sequel counterpart. This could apply likewise to any other new creatures who make the eventual cut. If you feel the same as I? Please cast your vote, and see what the developers have to say upon seeing it.

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