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Buff the Carcharodontosaurus



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you're an absolute buffoon if you think carchars need a buff, they need a significant nerf more than anything. in a 1v1 a carchar that popped at 355 melee and leveled to 600 melee has already reached the point of being able to rage a giga popped at 1285 and levelled to 2400. this shouldn't happen, either gigas need a buff or carchars require a significant nerf to their frenzy mechanic. carchars dont have a glaring weakness such as the gigas rage mechanic and in fact only have a buff mechanic which makes them stronger (needs to be nerfed by at least 50%).

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what a buff needs would be stamina
  since to contain blood rage he has to be attacking and looking for new victims to have his ability 100 and he runs out very quickly and takes time to recover
what they should do is that it was like the deaodon consuming meat at an industrial rate to have enough stamina so you would take away the meat you collect by taking off weight and forcing yourself to kill so as not to run out of stamina
and the roar I think of 2 options
when you roar you share the blood rage with your allies for 20 seconds giving the same effect to all your allies
or use it as a trigger you kill and charge the blood rage bar as normal and when you want to use it the damage increase you roar and activate it
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