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Will nameless spawn near logged out players

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Hi, I am temporarily setting up a base on ab to get some reapers for my tribe (don’t have a ab, I’m the only one) because the server I’m playing on only has ab as a rotational map I don’t want to go through the effort of plant Z or lanterns, my question is if nameless will spawn on or near my base if I’m logged out and my light pet has been turned off, because I don’t think my pet has enough charge to last the 13+ hours I’m logged off for 

thanks in advanced and any help is appreciated 

I’m building the in crystaline lake area 

also if you have the time will accept any tips for reaper taming it’s my first time, I have a rough idea of what to do and what I need but if there’s anything that’s more unknown would appreciate knowing it 

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I do not know the facts. But I think its like this:

They will spawn, but not as a reaction on the presence of your offline body. Since the area around you, where your body is is in stasis, nothing will happen. But when someone other than you, a player will get into that area, nameless will start to spawn as a reaction to that players presence. They will initially spawn to target him, but they will target your body as well, when they would be able to spot you if they can see the body. They will despawn also when the initial initiator left the area (the other player) Your body might be destroyed, but they will despawn as soon the player left, You will be able to just respawn at your beds which are offline protected as well as your pets...

Above that, your pet can be set to auto-activate at full charge, which will mean that, when not in stasis, your pet will toggle on or off depending on its charge levels at that moment, adjusted by regen charge levels ability and charge capacity.

For newbies this answer might be confusing, but in general my answer is: Dont worry about it :)

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