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  1. Ahhh thanks for the response I understand, I have logged back on and are safe from nameless. Unfortunately I died another way when I logged on my body fell through the map and died, guess it’s back to rag to grab some more gear and rock drakes from crystal (server has eggs enabled over there
  2. Hi, I am temporarily setting up a base on ab to get some reapers for my tribe (don’t have a ab, I’m the only one) because the server I’m playing on only has ab as a rotational map I don’t want to go through the effort of plant Z or lanterns, my question is if nameless will spawn on or near my base if I’m logged out and my light pet has been turned off, because I don’t think my pet has enough charge to last the 13+ hours I’m logged off for thanks in advanced and any help is appreciated I’m building the in crystaline lake area also if you have the time will accept any tips for
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