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Earlier today I completed gamma Rockwell with one other person. Our megalosaurus survived with 85% health left and our reapers with 95% health left. I am not planning on leveling them anymore but the issue lies with us and our rock drakes. At point is the fight, our characters got below 60% health, and our rock drakes finished with 50% and 75% health. 

Our rock drakes already have ascendant saddles, and we have a mix of ascendant and master craft flak. Our issues arise when we have to stop and change armours. How do we do this safely? We have blood packs, med brew and cooked mutton. We had some nameless venom inside our drakes, but when we stopped to feed it to them we got barraged by plasma balls. 

We rode around and shotgunned all the tentacles, but we could not deal with the plasma balls fast enough. We tried shotgunning them, but they come to fast.


Tl;dr How do we stop to swap armour/ force feed venom without the plasma balls hurting us.

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I've never had issues with the plasma balls, you can just run away if theres too many. Sounds like you may just need better gear, better flak and better shotguns to take care of the tentacles faster. I've never had problems with armor breaking, as long as you keep moving you won't be hit much. Maybe consider a faster firing weapon like an assault rifle or fabricated pistol to gun down the balls.

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