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Magmasaur breeding - How to pick up eggs

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Magmasaur breeding - How to pick up eggs

I wanna start breeding Magmasaurs. If I understand correctly, they have to be submerged in lava to mate. I don't do small-time breeding operations. I wanna get like 50-100 females up and going, and hatch 100 eggs a time. Logistically this seems like a nightmare. There are some good lava caves on the Center in which you can build, so I'm planning to make a breeding station in one of those at some point, using cliff platforms and ramps to get down into the lava. They recently changed it so Magmasaurs no longer take damage from the lava there. But so when I started planning this thing out in my head, everything kinda stops when it comes time to pick up the eggs. I don't really see how I could do a big-time operation without a lot of micromanagement hassle. Where/how do other people breed magmas? How do you grab the eggs out of the lava afterward? Do you have to make sure the female is close to shore when being mated with, and then use a whip, or are there other h4x methods that I'm not thinking of?

Just looking for other people's thoughts and ideas.

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