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Admin logs kick/ban Epic PC

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Admin logs kick/ban Epic PC

Hello everyone,

Seems like Epic fixed some online issues and own server (through ASM) seems to be running a lot better and people seem to find it now. Problem with it is that i run a server for me and my friend. Not public.

I have not seen if Epic allows a password protected server yet and i dont feel like trying that out now that it finally runs. 

How does running as an admin work to kick and ban people? Finding this online is so unclear? Seems like tab enablecheats <password> But there it stops on what to find. Usually it mentions steam id, but people now also use Epic Version. Why cant you just use someones name? Or get a list for all information you need. It is so unclear. 

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On 7/1/2020 at 8:03 PM, Larkfields said:


then click the person's name that you want to ban.

Click KICK

Click BAN




I guess it works. At least the menu comes up. But whenever you want to do anything it asks for the id, which isnt there for Epic player. N

Nor can you do anything if a player isnt online. As i got the server up, so any friend can just hop in without me having to start it up. And i dont want to have a constant watch on the server that i have to login to kick and ban players. I can remove players from the ASM player list, but that doesnt remove them from ingame (character and structures stay).

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