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  1. Admin logs kick/ban Epic PC Hello everyone, Seems like Epic fixed some online issues and own server (through ASM) seems to be running a lot better and people seem to find it now. Problem with it is that i run a server for me and my friend. Not public. I have not seen if Epic allows a password protected server yet and i dont feel like trying that out now that it finally runs. How does running as an admin work to kick and ban people? Finding this online is so unclear? Seems like tab enablecheats <password> But there it stops on what to find. Usually it mentions steam id, but people now also use Epic Version. Why cant you just use someones name? Or get a list for all information you need. It is so unclear.
  2. Cant talk for him but for me its exactly the same. Still same IP, nor any other changes. Server stayed up for 4 days or so, Epic had an update for ARK and ever since it stopped working. Without any changes from my side. Nobody seems to know the solution.
  3. Failure since update? Epic ASM Hi guys, There has been an update on Friday on the Epic client for ARK. Before that i had a server up. Which sucked already as others from Epic client couldnt even join. But after the update the server cant even go on anymore. Ever since updating it goes wrong, putting it on doesnt work. Joining it not in any way. Have tried all options, from exactly the same as before to all option with and without -crossplay -epiconly and whatever. Anyone has any idea what happened to the Epic client version? What they did, why it now fails with ASM? Making it not work for me to join myself, let alone that a friend can join it (please also give a solution for that. Nobody can so far).
  4. I have had my own server running shortly. I could connect myself. But outsiders could not connect (myself with epic client, other also epic client). But yesterday ARK had an update, for Epic Games at least. Ever since updating/verify server will give the report ''server version false'' error. And server will not be accesable. What is happening here? What is the issue and how to solve it?
  5. Why Epic to blame? Because at the moment the Epic version is just horrible so it probably is Epic But running a server locally through your own network has pretty much no problems (though since the last update i seem to have troubles with ASM). I can connect with my own server locally, works fine. However someone else from outside, another network, trying to connect to my ASM network with Epic client (and he also on Epic client) will get a connection time out to host error. This only happens on Epic servers and clients. So yeah who else but Epic? You seem to always be able to join your own server (usually through singleplayer gamefile and then open ip) but others nope.
  6. Has been an ARK update on Epic Games, ever since i havent been able to make a ''server version true''. So that might also cause trouble.
  7. Thats because of Epic. You need to login through singeplayer. For your own server this will work. Not sure if other players for Epic client will be able to join @Stahnke
  8. I dont really get the problem with the multihome tho. If you dont put it in server arg it will always be set as false in the files. And even if you do have it in the server arg it will be false I got it exactly as you got it. ''Let the server choose'' Enable crossplay and -crossplay. Even tho no steam players are planned to connect. Not sure if my friend can connect now, will ask him to try. Perhaps for me it is an option to switch to only epic players and -epiconly. That is another option. But else i really have no idea and there is no other option given by anyone sadly. Edit: ARK is on sale on steam. Might go get it. Does is still deliver problems for Epic players to join a steam server? Or is that easier to solve?
  9. Currently server arg line is only -crossplay and -multihome (added multihome). Set the Ip to let the server choose. From what i have been reading this should be enough? ASM recently changed the layout allowing you to enable crossplay and Epiconly by checking a box. Just leaving those empty i guess as you do that by server arg? No steam users will be connecting, no password is used. So adjusting anything for multihome is not needed from what i understand? @Volkove (and others that know) Edit: Server version false. At the start it was true. But currently it keeps giving me that it is a false server. Got -multihome in it. Tried with and without false (tho in the file completely at the bottom of the ini file it will always add False to it) and what was said by @volkove does not keep the False at that setting. It will always be gone when i check again. Also adding local ip (without port) to -multihome=<ip> does not help. Removing -multihome and anything related with that makes the server version true again (with letting server choose IP).
  10. So i just changed my server. Instead of both -crossplay and -epiconly (which is double but was mentioned as solution so yeah) i now only got -crossplay. I changed it to let server choose (ip). And i added -multihome. If i understand correctly i do not need to put in the -multihome=<local ip> when it is just Epic clients connecting? Then -multihome is sufficient. I cant test that right now as he isnt home atm And the setting multihome to false and all other things also dont really comply as i dont have anything to do with Steam nor a password. Tho in other topic you said -multihome makes Epic clients not able to connect? While if i read it correctly here on this way even with -multihome they should be able to connect.
  11. I have crossplay and epiconly. But -epiconly should be possible as well as it is just 2 Epic Games players. I dont have -multihome included. So it shouldnt matter. But i can add it just for the sake of it and see what it does. @Volkove Same as above. I dont have the multihome included. But if that is what is needed to enable other ones to enter.
  12. I think so yes. I dont know the multihome thing, didnt look into that. But what i get is that you basically block out other IP's for some reason. By choosing the ''let program decide'' you allow people from outside the servers IP enter the server. Which should allow my friend to enter. Which will cause me not to be able to join anymore through my own local network. But for that i will need to use the basic singleplayer open ip port way to enter the server as a pass (which i need to enter the server anyway). Bit odd as the solution for making the Epic Games version work was setting it stable to the same IP. But if this works then fine. Especially if its that simple by logging in through your singleplayer file. As you need to do that most of the times anyway. I hope i understand this correctly and i will try it tomorrow (late here).
  13. @CountRoton @Tsudico Is that also the solution used for letting other Epic Games players in your server? I have been assigning my server the basic local IP. Joining through singleplayer with it. But a friend from the outside on another network cant connect. Applying the above mentioned by you guys might be the thing to fix that?
  14. ArkServerManager Would this also help if you dont use exclusivejoin? As i have a friend that cant join my server. Or shouldnt that matter if you dont have that exclusivejoin enabled?
  15. This is a basic error i also get when starting my server. Lots of too complicated talk above lol. What can this problem possibly give? My server seems to work fine for myself. The only problem i experience is that a friend can not connect to my server. We both use Epic Games version. Is that related to this error? (if so knowing how to fix it is welcome )
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