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Idea for whatever the final DLC will be for ark.


Idea for whatever the final DLC will be for ark.

While is a great game (opinion), every game has a ending. My idea for a final DLC for ark, whenever the time should arrive, is a map than is based on the layout of the planet earth. The landmass could be similar, albeit with large differences due to the planets deformities over time and dinos roaming around, to the earth itself. It could be separated by biomes, similar to how Genesis is, where you can transfer between continents/countries and play on different terrain and conquer the planet. 

The servers could be massive, hosting thousands of players per server. 

Obviously this would be an immensely difficult project to undertake, but with microsofts new flight simulator that will be coming soon, it shouldn't be too difficult to copy and paste the terrain. Then make some changes to the landscape to simulate and Earth overrun with dinos and cities that have fallen prey to the passage of time, and then decide on how the other technical aspects. 

As stated before, this would be incredibly difficult, but I feel as though it could be a very fun idea to see just how conquering an actual Earth infested with dinos and tribes would be. 

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