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  1. They serve literally no purpose other than causing strain on the game. They have no useful abilities in any aspect of the game. Remove them from the game all together and reduce the strain somewhat. Im sure it would slightly improve online play only slightly, but every little bit counts
  2. Completely agree. Gigantopithicus needs a buff to hold melee weapons. Would make them much more viable and give metal-tier players another way to farm resources
  3. Exactly what I would like to figure out. I think a Great Migration 2.0 would be a nice start in my opinion
  4. The pachy sucks and serves legitimately no purpose in the game. Remove it
  5. I like the mosasaur. Love being the big baddie of the deep.... no one say tuso lol
  6. Turn up your gamma. If that doesn't work maybe try night vision goggles? Personally haven't tried them underwater yet so no idea if they work
  7. Its a no-brainer that ark 2 will be WCs focus when it gets released, but that being said... what happens to Ark Survival? I propose that a great migration 2.0 occurs. Downsize the total number of servers. Of those that remain, 25% become legacy serves, and the other 75% become fresh "Day 1" servers. If not, then we as a community need to know what the future looks like for this game
  8. It would be cool if the map we play on would be spherical, not a flat map Of course that would pose its own geographical issues, but could be cool
  9. Will ark continue using unreal engine 4? Or will they upgrade to unreal engine 5?
  10. It would be a cool to be able to alter terrain in the game, similar to minecraft. It would be cool to be able to make custom bases underground or build your own hill to build on top of.
  11. Balance out the mutations. For example, a mutation provides a negative AND a positive effect. So you get a mutation that makes your tame have more health, but also deals less damage, or your tame has more movement speed but has reduces stamina. There could also be weirder, and much rarer mutations, like.... 1. Reduced fall damage 2. Increased fire, electric, or poison resistance. 3. Tough hide to Increase physical resistance 4. Sharper teeth [ (x)% chance to inflict bleed over (x)seconds] Just a few examples, but it would be much more complex a
  12. Ok. So I have been a long time proponents for better gaming on the water aspect of ark, and we have received some benefits as of late, but this is LONG overdue. Make generators and electric structures work underwater when on a platform saddle. I previously would ask for much more like air tight structures on platform saddles so they could be a more viable option to underwater living. After all, the purpose of a platform saddle is to provide a mobile base, right? Well, it doesn't seem like we will ever get air tight structures, or a cheaper version of vacuum compartments
  13. Why is it that this topic hasn't been moved yet? Everytime I do something like this its automatically moved back to the dark shadowy corners of this website where no one ever sees it. Its Been a day and this is still here in General? Im calling racism
  14. Giga is probably going to be the best and easiest way to get hide, provided it has a high melee damage. If not, chainsaw without a doubt
  15. that actually makes a good amount of sense. You are literally throwing the spear, which should be based on how strong your character is.
  16. Yea, that's definitely what I was going for lol. But keep up the discussion! I hadn't even thought of how OP bred sharks would be to have. Might should invest in some. wouldnt need to worry about meks as much or squids if I have 30 sharks on aggressive patrolling the waters around my base on official
  17. That blows. Just logged on after a few minor updates and got excited lol
  18. Wait a minute. Are yalo saying flyer movement speed is...BACK????? ON OFFICIAL?
  19. I know the mammoth got a tlc for pvp, but it used to be way better at farming massive amounts of wood. What is the point in having 75% reduction on wood if it can barely harvest it?
  20. Two very good comments. I appreciate the feedback. Regardless, it seems that having a good pack of around 8-10 sharks would definitely be a good deterrent. Slap some good saddles on them and pump their stats respectively in melee and primarily HP to further the fight and keep the bleeds going, and thr pack may be surprisingly OP
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