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  1. They get their panties in a wad because a single black man just happened to be killed by a white cop, but nobody says a single word when a white man is killed by a black cop. Making the protests about race. This is NOT a race issue, this is a POLICE BRUTALITY issue. More whites are killed by cops than blacks. And just to point it out, more blacks are killed by black cops than by white cops (study done by Michigan State University). If you pay taxes then listen up, because in 2017 alone, the Chicago Police Dept. paid over $113 million in police misconduct settlements, and NYC has paid over $430 million in police misconduct settlements over the last 10 years. The media is steering everyone to believe this is a race issue when it isnt. Floyd should NOT have been killed, but he wasn't killed because he was black, he was killed because the cop who had his knee on his neck was a horrible officer who had a lot of prior issues to this and was allowed to slip through the cracks. #WakeUp
  2. I definetily think this is a great idea. especially considering how all the mega tribes use crabs to do metal runs now, this would be a GREAT buff to help the littler guys on ark trying to play on PVP. 10/10 idea
  3. Send me a picture of wherever you see where it says we wont be getting 2x taming.
  4. Are we going to get 2x taming this weekend, or is that option off the table because of the summer bash event?
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