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  1. Ah that would explain because I'm on console. So I'm not retard, just behind the curve
  2. Perhaps stuff based more on real world diseases like yellow fever, tuberculosis, dysentery. Or something more in game based on dinos like fire wyvern fever, where your character is always warm, but literally burns through water VERY quickly and you die much faster when dehydrated, just spit balling
  3. For there more seriously dedicated ark-ers out there who play on multiple servers, monitoring multiple servers at once can be somewhat challenging, especially without a multiple person alliance to watch over their bases. It would be nice to have an app that allows you to sync your character(s) profiles, which then links to the ark servers to find any and all tribes associated with that character and links the tribe log per server to your app. Yes, this would be difficult to do, but consider this, would this not help balance the game? The game is insanely imbalanced, giv
  4. Either way, it still shouldn't reset all the way back down to 0% tamed or you were sitting at 99.9% doem with the taming process
  5. Preserving bins aren't bad, but they could be slightly buffed to where you could add Preserving salts into the bin as well for an added Preservation bonus of around 40-50%
  6. Crystal wyverns are not easy to trap and tame, and often times you easily get spotted and attacked when taming one
  7. Passive taming is great. Its a fun aspect that provides diversity compared to the knock out method of taming. But it needs a small rework. There's no reason why after taking a hit, the taming meter of a dino should reset back to 0% if it's sitting at 99% of the way through taming. I can understand a reset of the taming bar a certain amount, perhaps more percentage lost the closer it is to being tamed, but instant resetting back to 0% after a small amount of damage taken is wrong and should be changed
  8. Id like to see a more comprehensive list of diseases in the game. It would be nice to see a biological warfare element to the game, not just the same old swamp fever we've had for ages. Different diseases with different effects
  9. Yea, it does suck. Maybe they could implement a flat increase in turret mode melee damage for every point spent on melee damage. 1 point invested in melee could equal a 0.5 increase to damage dealt in turret mode. So if you put 50 points into melee, you would get an extra 25 points of damage dealt per tick. So Base damage of 10 + Increase in damage of 25 = 35 damage per hit. Thoughts on this idea?
  10. It was announced a few months ago that the new permanent 1x rate for official servers would be 2X what it was previously. So if you hit a tree and used to only get 4 wood per hit, you should get 8 now, right? If that is the case, then why do we only still pick up 1 stone on official servers like before? Shouldn't that number now be 2? I'm sure SOMEONE out there will point out the obvious and say your a bob if you are still grabbing stone with your hand and not using a hatchet or a doded to farm it way faster, but the point is relevant. How are we supposed to be sure that
  11. They serve literally no purpose other than causing strain on the game. They have no useful abilities in any aspect of the game. Remove them from the game all together and reduce the strain somewhat. Im sure it would slightly improve online play only slightly, but every little bit counts
  12. Completely agree. Gigantopithicus needs a buff to hold melee weapons. Would make them much more viable and give metal-tier players another way to farm resources
  13. Exactly what I would like to figure out. I think a Great Migration 2.0 would be a nice start in my opinion
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