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  1. Maybe for megalodons, but not plesiosaurs. I would like to see plesios, and mosas, have air tight structures built on their platforms. There is almost now point in building a structure on their backs currently simply because you cant put anything worth while on it. Want a cryofridge and refridgerator on its back? Too bad! Cause generators don't work underwater!! Really wish WC would make enclosed structures on their platforms air-tight so we could actually build submersible mobile bases
  2. How exactly will server transfers work? I remember when valguero dropped that server transfers were pretty much non-existent. You could transfer characters in and out and that was about it. At around the 1 month mark, you could transfer things off server, and at around the 3 month mark, you could transfer into the servers (which is when everyone gets mek/giga rushed). Question 1: When will you be able to transfer from one Genesis server to another Genesis server? Question 2: Will transfer in out for Genesis be pretty much identical to how they were for Valguero?
  3. Carry me! Need hard rag boss fight. Might be able to pay my way Hey guys, I'm looking for assistance in unlocking the telegrams. Specifically the one telk engram I need is the tek transmitter. I can possibly trade some stuff to get me into the boss fight. Comment here if you can and will help me! I can offer some items to trade possibly to make helping me more worth your time
  4. What EXACTLY is Undermeshing? So I know the dev team claims to be working hard on fixing many meshing exploits. In particular, they have made clear that they are looking to specifically fix undermeshing. Is there an official definition I can read to explain what undermeshing is? I want to be informed about the various forms of meshing so that I can better understand what all is being talked about
  5. While its a good tip for everyone to read if they haven't already, it still doesn't change the fact that we shouldn't be forced to live like hermits simply because some troll can fly over with a parasaur and scout the majority of the server in an hour, less if there are multiple people helping.
  6. Tek helmet is OP and needs to be nerfed, but that is a conversation for a later time lol (or if interested, I have a post in Game Suggestions regarding buffing ghillie armor to hide from it). This parasaur radar ability is ridiculously OP and needs to be deactivated when being carried. If Wildcard can do it with the Velonasaurs, then there is absolutely no reason that they cant do it with parasaurs. Preferably BEFORE Genesis drops.
  7. That's exactly my point,. If they can disable the turret mode on the velo when flying, then wildcard needs to get off their A** and disable the parasaur turret mode being enabled when being carried by a flier. If they have done it once, surely it can be done again.
  8. Turret mode question, Parasaur vs Velonasaur Why is it that I can fly with a parasaur and scout the entire map while its in turret mode, but I can't have a velo flying with me in turret mode to destroy my enemies? I've tried it and it doesn't work. Shouldn't turret mode still work on the velo while carrying it if you can do the same thing with the parasaur?
  9. I get that people worked for the tek helmet, but that helmet is too overpowered. Its ridiculous that a helmet should be able highlight you when wearing an armor designed to be stealthy. Also, the parasaur is a great early game mount, but its ability to be used in turret mode while flying is ridiculous
  10. Boss fight vets. How well to flame arrows work against dragon boss on rag Ive done some boss fights in the past, but I was wondering how well flame arrows worked against bosses. Particularly the dragon boss on rag. Would they be worth investing in for the fight? or should I invest in a different weapon for my tribe to use?
  11. Another thing we could do would be to make there be different quality blueprints for ballista's. Similar to how there are different quality mek blueprints, we could get some different quality ballista BP's. It would actually make the ballista relevant again. Also, I still think it should be buffed to where shots fired from it ignore armor. Big bow to kill big dinos
  12. While I would love for this to become a reality, ark is too far into the maturation stage of the game for wildcard to even consider this as a possibility. However, I'm sure many of us are aware of rumors that wildcard will be working on an ark 2, and if that is the case, I could imagine that this suggestion you make here would probably become a reality with the hypothetical next ark game being made. Also, with Microsoft and Sony finally coming together and saying they are working towards a more cooperative relationship, this idea of the game becoming cross platform is not just a mere suggestion, but a likely possibility
  13. I'm not saying that those things shouldn't be utilized. I'm saying I think there should be a counter to them. Its ridiculous for someone to fly with a parasaur in the claws of a wyvern and be able to completely map out almost every base location on the map. It's also equally ridiculous that tek helmets can see armor that is designed to make you stealthy. And another individual mentioned snow owls, which is a tame I definitely do not think should be allowed to detect ghillie armor if a full set is being worn. Some things in this game are overpowered and need one of two things: 1. A nerf 2. Another item being buffed to provide a counter Everyone seems to just wail and moan every time something gets nerfed, so the only real answer here is to buff something else
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