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Tek sensors powered directly by shards


Tek sensors powered directly by shards

The Tek sensors are an amazing addition, having doors open or close or open for a preset time upon a certain event, and not just doors, but lights or turrets  or Tek bridges. The main draw back that I have seen in practice, is the requirement that the sensor be in range of a Tek generator. 


I would love to see them powerable directly from there inventory from element shards like a Tek light is. I am aware this could create issues in a PvP sense with people placing them away from base and having interesting traps designed, which is why I primarily ask for a PvE sense, we could make wild Dino traps or have them near our stone or metal behemoth gates.


But as it stands they are somewhat restrictive as we either need to put a generator near everywhere we want to run a sensor or boost the range of generators so they eat element super fast.


I can't see it being to hard to copy a few lines of settings from the Tek light that allows it to receive an invent Nd be lowered by shards, over to the Tek sensor

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